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John Gibson Pimps Book To Gushing Fox & Friends

Reported by Priscilla - December 9, 2009 -

Before Glenn Beck, there was John Gibson on the 5PM Fox Opinion News slot. Although nowhere near as conspiratorial or histrionic as Beck (Gibson never cried) Gibson was a dutiful propaganda bearer for the Republican and Christian right wing. And as a foot soldier in the culture war, he one upped Bill O’Reilly’s on air droolings about the so called “war on Christmas” with his book, “The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought.” Note that since the publication of the book (2005) the evil, godless libruls haven’t banned Christmas. But Gibson was adamant about this Manichean battle and when Rob Boston, of “Americans United For Separation of Church and State,” attempted to debunk the “war,” Gibson had an on air melt down. Flash forward a couple of years and Gibson has written another book which excoriates the left over their “swiftboating” of George Bush. And now, neither tanned nor toned; but sporting some new facial hair, he’s back on Fox & Friends to pimp his new partisan piece of propaganda.

Gibson and Beck have more in common than the 5PM timeslot. Gibson was, like Beck, full of right wing vitriol against liberals including Nancy Pelosi (accused her of waging a “war on English). Like Beck, he wasn’t afraid to be offensive to minorities. (People traveling from third world “hellholes” carry “ooga booga fever.") Like Beck, he was upset about all those immigrants who represent a thread to American culture and even went so far as to recommend, after a screed about how in 25 years the majority of the population will be Hispanic, that folks “make more babies” which was a not so thinly disguised way of saying make more “white” babies. But that’s no problem for Fox News which does love its vitriol and thus, it wasn’t surprising to see him joining his vitriolic soul brother Sean Hannity and it wasn't a surprise that he would be on this morning's Fox & Friends where right wing vitriol is couched in the kind of simple language and exaggerated body language seen on morning kids shows.

With the chyrons reading “Setting The Record Straight, Gibson Takes On Claims Leveled Against Bush,” and “Lies From the Left, How Liberals Are Attacking Bush’s Legacy” (LOL) the Fox morning boyz Doocy and Kilmeade referenced Gibson’s new book, “How the Left Swiftboated America.” Right off the bat, “Gibby” (as he’s affectionately known to his fans) said “they were lying through their teeth and they got away with it.” (Oh, the irony). MENSA member Steve Doocy made the ludicrous claim that the left looked at what happened with the “swiftboating” of Kerry and decided to use that as a playbook. He added that they have “willing accomplices in the media.” (Oh, the irony – Fox News was a willing accomplice in the original “swiftboating.”) Gibson described Fox News when he said that the left wing media’s formula was “demean, ridicule, and repeat.” The chyron did some demeaning with “Obama’s Allies, Liberal Media Attack Bush Administration.” Gibby and his Fox boy toys then whined about how Obama is constantly “running against” George Bush. (And for you Fox fans, yeah, I’m ridiculing – but I’m not doing it on a national “news” network). The chyron provided a Fox “fact” – “Swiftboating Bush, Gibson Dispels Fallacies From the Left.” (Fallacies according to Fox and Gibson, only). As an example of how Bush was kicked around, Doocy said “look how Bush got all the blame for Katrina.” Gibson said that the left needed to blame Bush for more than just the war and Katrina provided them with another avenue for scapegoating. (Uh, Gibby, there was lots more – try torture, warrantless wiretapping, abstinence education, poor environmental policy, just to name a few more things.) Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade congratulated Gibson for writing the book and said that what he liked about it was the detail and added “that it’s still going on today.” Doocy said that it would make a great “stocking stuffer.”

Comment: If past is prologue, this partisan screed will end up in the “Bargain Bin” at Wal*Mart very soon. I do hope that poor, persecuted Bush is grateful to John Gibson for restoring his “legacy” which has been “swiftboated.” (Hmmm, John Kerry was actually on a Swiftboat when Bush was where?). And watching Gibson, I couldn’t help thinking that Beck actually does it better.

And for old times sake, I’m attaching the infamous Gibson/Boston thing (which News Hounds reported on) during which Gibson (too much Christmas egg nog?) yelled at and threatened to sue the totally unflappable Boston. Reportedly, after the on air exchange, Gibson called Boston and warned him not to “come in where I drink.” Despite Gibson’s unhinged rantings about the Plano Texas school policy, Boston, on the AU website, debunks it. But it was hyped by Bill O’Reilly who never has a problem with demeaning, ridiculing, and repeating when it comes to the bogus “war on Christmas.” For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gibson, this says it all.