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DeMint's Questionable Claim That Obama And Dems Will Break The Law On TARP Funds Goes Unchallenged by Cavuto

Reported by Ellen - December 9, 2009 -

Co-authored by Brian

On yesterday’s (12/8/09) Your World, Sen. Jim “Waterloo” DeMint (R-SC) not only rejected President Obama's idea to use TARP money to create jobs, he claimed that the plan is illegal. But as PolitiFact reported, it’s not difficult for Congress to make the necessary adjustments. However, host Neil Cavuto never challenged DeMint’s misleading accusation. With video.

DeMint told Cavuto, “The President and the Democrats are out of control, and the worst part of it is they're delusional. They really do believe that this government spending, and increased debt, is actually improving our economy, despite all of the evidence. Now they're going go back and break the law on this big bailout TARP program."

But as PolitiFact reported in its ruling on this issue, “There is a provision in TARP that prohibits the government from directly spending TARP funds on some of the programs Obama outlined. But even conservative budget analysts say there are legislative ways for that money to be legally recycled back into federal coffers and then applied to economic stimulus projects.”

It's pretty clear from the description of the video of the interview on their website that Fox News also knew it wasn't true. Fox says, "Senator criticizes president's plans to spend TARP cash and says Obama 'doesn't know how to run a business.'" If there were any way they could get away with accusing Obama of breaking the law with TARP funds, can there be any doubt they'd trumpet it?