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Will Americans Ever Tire of Glenn Beck’s Far-Fetched, Self-Serving Conspiracy Theories?

Reported by Ellen - December 8, 2009 -

Glenn Beck has a new scapegoat, Robert Creamer, a convicted felon who attended the same White House dinner as those now-infamous party crashers. Creamer was convicted of, essentially, floating checks to keep his community activist organization afloat. It's a crime, to be sure, but not exactly the kind of crime that would make you so paranoid about having him at your party that you’d arrange for a White House security breach by some party crashers just to distract attention from his presence. But that’s exactly what Beck suggested to his viewers yesterday (12/7/09). Never mind that the White House had released the guest list to the press with Creamer’s name on it the day of the dinner. But Beck harangued and insinuated ad nauseum that rubbing elbows with a convicted felon suggested guilt by approximation. Meanwhile, I have yet to see Beck utter a syllable of concern about the slew of crooks he associates with right there on the Fox News Channel. With video.

Beck spent a lot of time showboating his theory that because Obama seemed to be following many of the political tactics outlined in a book Creamer wrote about activism that that somehow proved Creamer served as some kind of mentor to Obama. That was all Beck needed to claim that Obama’s health care plan was “designed by a convicted felon (and) written in prison.” Beck also falsely claimed that Creamer had stolen from his company and ripped people off. He further embellished the fantasy by suggesting that because Creamer associates with ACORN, SEIU and United Steel Workers then they were all were somehow guilty of something, too.

Meanwhile, Beck ignored the news that earlier that day, an independent investigator, though internally appointed, absolved ACORN of criminal wrongdoing (though the organization’s management practices were criticized). Beck has long accused ACORN of criminal wrongdoing the same way he was accusing Obama of colluding with Creamer – with smoke and mirrors. Along came some actual facts about this organization Beck has obsessed over and surprise! Beck overlooked them. So much for "fair and balanced" and "we report, you decide." Again.

Beck’s spiel also suggested that there was something criminal about Obama believing that health care is a right. “Health care is not a right,” Beck pontificated. He went on to claim that 80% of people are happy with their health care. I’m not sure where he got that statistic but last June, Fox News reported, “A survey conducted jointly by the Kaiser Family Foundation, ABC News and USA Today, released in October 2006, found that 89 percent of Americans were satisfied with their own personal medical care, but only 44 percent were satisfied with the overall quality of the American medical system… But while insured Americans say overwhelmingly that they are satisfied, more than half of them -- 52 percent -- believe that becoming uninsured poses a 'critical problem,' 36 percent view the threat as 'serious but not critical,' and another 7 percent see it as a 'problem, but not serious.' Only 4 percent view it as 'not much of a problem.'

Beck made a big deal of the fact that he supposedly caught Obama getting the facts wrong about an Illinois patient in the middle of chemotherapy whose insurance company rescinded his coverage because he had not reported gallstones he had not known about. Obama reported that the patient died as a result, when in fact, as Beck reported, the man continued to receive treatment and lived for three and a half more years. But what Beck didn’t tell his viewers is that, according to PolitiFact, the man’s policy had indeed been rescinded; that decision was reversed with the help of the state Attorney General.

Beck sneered, “They can’t find a truthful example of health care sob stories so they have to make them up.” Would Mr. “I’ll cry for my country but I don’t have a problem if you can’t get health insurance” Beck like to tell these people, who testified in a Congressional hearing about their rude awakenings when they found out what their medical insurance didn't cover, that there are no legitimate health care sob stories?

And since Beck apparently believes that associating with someone with a criminal record indicates a criminal mind of one’s own, perhaps he’d like to explain how he feels working at Fox News alongside convicted criminals such as Fox News host Oliver North (his conviction was later overturned on a technicality), Fox News contributor Mark Fuhrman, who pleaded "no contest" to felony perjury, tax delinquent and Fox News contributor Dick Morris, and such regular guests as two-time voter fraud suspect Ann Coulter, and the corrupt Bernard Kerik. As a matter of fact, Beck did this friendly interview on his radio show with Kerik in 2007. Beck introduced Kerik by saying, “He had some problems. He's trying to get his life back in order.” Hmm, that’s an awfully chummy way to describe someone who had already pleaded guilty to accepting gifts from a company with ties to the mob. Does that mean Beck has a soft spot in his heart for organized crime? Just asking.