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Bill O’Reilly Attacks Joy Behar For Her Comment On Hypocrisy! Excuse Me?

Reported by Priscilla - December 8, 2009 -

Conservative men, who adore Ann Coulter, simply loathe Joy Behar. Like Coulter, Behar is opinionated; but unlike Coulter, she doesn’t recommend assassinations of SCOTUS judges and saturation bombing of Muslim countries. Behar’s “sin” is that she’s unabashedly liberal and very irreligious – both “mortal” sins in the eyes of righteous right wing guys whose views are straight and narrow. Last week, in O’Reilly’s “Dumbest Things Of the Week” segment (appropriately featuring Greg Gutfeld and Courtney Friel) O’Reilly attacked Joy Behar - thus demonstrating that his overinflated ego prevents him from understanding the meaning of hypocrisy.

O’Reilly and company discussed Joy Behar’s comment, on “The View,” that Tiger Woods “has never held himself up as one of these like pro-marriage, right-wing kind of guys who is anti-gays” and that Woods “is not a hypocrite in his personal life.” As an example of political hypocrisy, she cited “toe tapper” former Republican Senator Larry Craig. After showing the video of Behar’s comments on “The View,” O’Reilly referred to her as “the dumb one.” Gutfield worked in the typical right wing misogyny, which denigrates a woman’s appearance and/or her temperament, that O’Reilly’s pal Dennis Miller specializes in. (In November of this year, Miller compared Nancy Pelosi’s face to a lizard. He has also made comments about Pelosi and Botox). Gutfeld said, regarding Behar, “I just can't believe she's still single. What a catch. I'm telling you, everything she says…” (Uh, what does her marital status have to do with anything? Would Gutfeld say that kind of thing about a male politician?) When O’Reilly responded that she is married Gutfeld continued: "I feel sorry for that man. This angers me, one, that she says that if you're conservative you're anti-gay, which is bigotry. Her own form of bigotry.” (No, Greg, she didn’t say that. She said that conservative guys who preach and leglislate morality and then get caught with their pants down are hypocrites.) Gutfeld then worked in a perfunctory right wing smear against liberals when he said that Behar was saying that the left can’t be hypocrites because they have no standards. (Wrong again, Greg) Courtney Friel, whose bikini shots disappeared off the internet when she was hired by Fox, said she just couldn’t understand what political affiliation or gay marriage has to do with cheating on your wife. Good Christian heterosexual and faithful spouse, Bill O’Reilly responded: “That's an excellent point, Courtney. That's why we selected it as dumb. It is dumb, and it has nothing to do. It's a non- sequitur.”

Comment: Memo to Bill: Behar was talking about guys like you who talk the talk and don’t walk the walk. Tiger Woods, unlike Bill O’Reilly, didn’t preach about morality and how liberals are degenerate and godless - after having been accused of sexually harassing an employee in a rather lurid way.) It’s the hypocrisy, stupid!! So it’s not a non-squitur. In the case of all those righteous randy republicans (Newt Gringich, Mark Sanford, John Ensign, Vito Fosella, David Vitter to name a few) and you, in particular, it’s quite relevant!

Video not available – transcript here.