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Glenn Beck Makes A Point Of Highlighting A Black Conservative Suggesting That Obama Is A Racist

Reported by Ellen - December 7, 2009 -

On November 13, 2009, Glenn Beck hosted, as Aunty Em described it, a Phil Donahue-like show with a studio audience of black conservatives. I caught a repeat of it over the weekend. The show was called “Time to be Heard,” ostensibly referring to the otherwise overlooked voices of conservative black America. But I could not help but feel that the real purpose of the show was to rehabilitate Beck’s tarnished image since he called President Obama a “racist” with a "deep-seated hatred for white people.” An unstated subtitle of the program could have been, “See, Some of My Best Friends Are Black!” And yet, throughout the show, Beck maintained a thread of hostility toward mainstream black America. The show opened with an anecdote about how Fox Business’ own Charles Payne was beaten up for “talking white” and “wearing nice clothes” and continued with criticisms of the term “African American” and more talk about intolerance from the black community toward conservative views. But Beck’s ears really perked up when one audience-member said that Obama’s policies are racist. With video.

At about the 22:30 mark in the video, as a woman named Shakera explained where she thought “that type of mentality" - meaning the mentality of mainstream Black America that seeks handouts - comes from, Beck interrupted to highlight something one of his guests had said off camera several moments earlier. “What did you just say?” Beck asked the man.

“I said these policies are racist,” the guest said.

Beck never expounded on that. Probably, he didn’t want to cause himself any further loss of advertisers. But he certainly did not disagree and he obviously wanted to make sure the sentiment got showcased.

“Thank you, thank you!” A woman in the audience, identified as Lisa Fritsch, radio talk show host, said, picking up the ball. The camera went right to her. “We have to expose the diabolical agenda of liberalism. It’s corrupting the black community.” She got a round of applause and Beck nearly jumped out of his seat with delight as she decried liberals supporting food stamps but not school vouchers. “The more we expose the evil and the cruelty that liberalism is, then people will start to wake up,” she added.

On Beck’s show, intolerance from the mainstream black community is bad, but intolerance toward liberals is acclaimed.