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Fox & Friends Say Atheist “Holiday” Signs Are A War On God

Reported by Priscilla - December 7, 2009 -

As I have often noted, if Fox News has a message which it wants to reinforce, it’s discussed on more than one show. Bill O’Reilly’s “Culture Warriors” (December 3rd) tackled the burning issue of heathen humanists who are “attacking" Christianity and the baby Jesus. (BTW, an article on the conservative David Horowitz blog pointed out that Bill “didn’t do the baby Jesus any favors.”) So not surprisingly, on December 4th, Fox & Friends not only reinforced the meme about evil atheists; but they escalated the bogus outrage. Once again, good Christian Gretchen Carlson was able to express her Christian indignation about this threat to our society – and to God, too. But God need not worry, Fox & Friends has his back! Move over “war on Christmas,” there’s a “war on God” and Fox & Friends is bringing it!

The occasion was a visit from country singer Amy Grant who was there to sing and to promote a Christmas relief drive sponsored by “Samaritan’s Purse,” which is run by Billy Graham’s son, Franklin. Rather than letting Any “shut up and sing” (a phrase used by Laura Ingraham as an admonition to liberal entertainers who espouse political positions) Gretchen Carlson and third stringer Eric Bolling brought up the topic of those nasty, bad “No God, No Problem” ads. In introducing the subject Bolling had his facts wrong. He claimed that the ads were “paid for by the atheist group, “Freedom From Religion” when they were sponsored by the American Humanist Association. (details, detail, all atheists look alike to Fox & Friends). Bolling asked “why bring this war on Jesus at a time when it’s all about giving and happiness.” (and not about crass commercialization?) The chyron read “War on Jesus, Group Launches Anti God Campaign.” Pretty in pink, Gretchen Carlson, introduced Amy Grant “who knows all about the meaning of Christmas.” Gretchen was very energized (unlike her body language with atheist Christopher Hitchens) when she asked Amy “what about this atheist campaign” and stated that it seemed like a “logical time to begin the campaign because it’s Christmas time.” Ms. Grant said “of course” and thanked Fox & Friends for bringing it up. While she spoke the chyron read “Crusading Against God, Holiday Ads Promote Goodness Without God.” (Whoa, hold the presses, wait a minute – the chyron used the word “holiday” – WTF!!!!) Ms. Grant described what she thinks the atheists are thinking and admitted that “part of being an American is the freedom to say what you want” although she celebrates her faith. Bolling interjected “in your face, on buses”… (when was the last time a Fox Friend took a bus?) “it’s just terrible, kids are influenced by what they see” ( a parade of “juggies” on Fox & Friends?) “this is the worst place that they can possibly put it.” Obviously not a fan of the First Amendment, which allows those on Fox to spew this kind of nonsense, he asked if “there’s some kind of filter.”

Comment: And once again, I ask, if Christians are so insecure about their faith that they and their children shouldn't be able to view these signs. Is their faith so weak that atheist billboards, which hurried commuters probably won't even notice, can tempt them down the road to perdition? If there’s a crusade happening it’s Fox News war on atheists. A quick check of “atheist ad” and “Fox News” brings up a number of occasions when various Fox pundits have criticized atheist groups who, in the past, have sponsored similar ad campaigns. For Bill O’Reilly it seems to part of his Christmas tradition which is all about spreading good cheer. Gretchen Carlson was adamant that there should be no freedom of speech on Christmas. But Fox News knows that it’s Christian audience and for Christmas, they don’t give them red meat – it’s all Christmas ham!