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Nothing Says Christmas Like An Ambush From O’Reilly And Watters

Reported by Ellen - December 6, 2009 -

As we’ve previously reported, Bill O’Reilly set his sights on an elementary school in Chelmsford, Massachusetts for having the audacity to ban Christmas items from the school Gift Room, a four-day fundraising activity that has been held during the holiday season for decades. So really getting into the Christmas spirit and with a determination to put the “Christ” back in Christmas (like it or not!), O’Reilly sent his ambush producer, Jesse Watters, to confront, ridicule and sneer at school officials there. With video.

As O’Reilly displayed a large photo of the school principal on the screen, he whined that “even Santa got the boot” from the holiday gift room. “So we sent Jesse Watters up to confront some school officials,” O’Reilly said with malicious glee.

Watters had his own special way of spreading holiday cheer and good will toward men. “Why are you trying to ruin Christmas?” Watters asked the school committee chair as he tried to walk from his car to the school. “Angelo, you’re banning candy canes from the holiday sale. Don’t you think that’s crazy?” Watters later reported that the superintendant had driven to the police station as a result of the ambush. Without a hint of regret, Watters said, “I think we’re very intimidating.”

When a policeman appeared to tell Watters that the superintendant did not wish to talk to him, Watters said, “We’re just trying to help out the kids… He’s kind of the Scrooge in this situation.” Ho, ho, ho.

Then, really getting into the holiday spirit, Watters called out as the superintendant drove by, “Hey, Superintendant, why are you ruining Christmas?”

Back in the studio, O’Reilly chuckled with delight. He told Watters that while school officials “didn’t want to be held accountable” by Fox News, “Angelo baby… had to take the heat from the parents.”

Watters reported that “The Liberty Counsel” is representing a few of the parents who are filing a lawsuit against the school. The Falwell-affiliated Liberty Counsel describes itself as an organization dedicated to “advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the traditional family.” It’s headed by a man named Mathew Staver who, apparently, “advances religious freedom” by attacking those he feels even give the appearance of not keeping enough Christ in Christmas. If the Chelmsford school doesn’t drop the ban, Watters reported, The Liberty Counsel will file a lawsuit “under the First Amendment of the Constitution saying that they have censored religion in the classroom.”

I'm Jewish so I'm no expert on Christianity but something tells me that this is not what Christ would have had in mind for a celebration of his birth.

By the way, O’Reilly originally targeted the principal of the school in November. We contacted her then and told her to expect a Fox News ambush, advised her that in that event, she should only say, “Andrea Mackris” or “Hal Turner” and that if she did so, we could assure her the footage would never be aired. We have no idea if she followed our advice but we couldn’t help but notice that there was no footage of Watters confronting her.

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