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Gretchen Carlson’s Hypocrisy Or Personality Disorder?

Reported by Priscilla - December 6, 2009 -

Gretchen Carlson is a committed Christian who, like Bill O’Reilly is full of moral indignation about the irreligiousity and sexual degeneracy of American culture. That being said, I wonder why she allows herself to be a part of Bill O’Reilly’s weekly “peep show,” otherwise known as “Culture Warriors, which features bodacious “booty” in an effort to analyze the deteriorating mores of an America under siege by evil libruls and atheists. The “Culture Warrior” format does provide Gretchen with a pulpit from which she can inveigh against this creeping degeneracy. But I question whether she realizes the dichotomy of her puritanical and moralistic rhetoric with the reality of what is shown on the occasional R rated morning show that she is a part of – a show which is also a dichotomy in that it offers Jesus and “tig old bitties” all in the same venue. As with Bill O’Reilly, who is also a fan of the “tig old bitties,” Gretchen talks the purity talk on a show that is, on occasion, a bit soft core – and not that there’s anything wrong with it. It’s the lack of consistency that’s a bit strange.

After going on about atheists attacking the Baby Jesus, last week’s “Culture Warriors” moved on to the subject of a store window, in downtown Manhatten, which Fox News (Shep Smith who doesn’t bloviate about moral turpitude) has already reported on. As the Fox video has the word “racy” in it, it’s not surprising that O’Reilly found it an uplifting topic for discussion. The XOXO clothing line is being advertised via a storefront which features two young ladies who strip to their underwear after which they apply makeup, text their friends, and peruse magazines while lounging on a sofa. The store is on Fifth Avenue across from Lord&Taylor. One of the models could be describing Bill O’Reilly when she said “I love these guys who are like 50 or 60 years old and all of a sudden they are like all of a sudden reduced to these 12-year-olds.”

So not surprisingly, this was a topic on the “Culture Warriors” and not suprisingly Bill showed the video footage. Not suprisingly Gretchen was indignant. She who has no problem with Hooters Girls and Victoria’s Secret models strutting their stuff on Fox&Friends, said “they’re selling their bodies.” She who had no problem with Carrie Prejean’s eensy teensy white bikini asked, “do they have to be half nude?” She righteously asserted “this is an example of where we’re heading.What will be next, in that window, next year? Somebody totally nude?” She talked about how families with children “gotta watch that.” Gretchen said that it was “offensive” because “it was a slippery slope.” (Hmmm, wasn’t that was an argument against interracial marriage, birth control, and other things not approved by the past culture warriors?)

Comment: Women in a NY city stores window represent a slippery slope while Hooters Girls and Victoria’s Secret Models on a “family” morning show, on a national “news” network, aren’t – it’s a complex world! But the question remains, is Gretchen Carlson a hypocrite or a seriously split personality? I report, you decide.

The “Culture Warrior” segment referenced above is discussed is at the end of the Fox video. I’ve also included Jon Stewart’s take on the Fox & Friends “wholesome entertainment products” which include a lingerie football scrimage which Gretchen said was “one of the best things I’ve seen on TV.”

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