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Michael Steele Agrees With Hannity: 2010 Election Will Be Free Market Capitalism Vs. Socialism

Reported by Ellen - December 4, 2009 -

Despite his earlier reluctance to call President Barack Obama a socialist, Michael Steele has now gotten on the Fox News extremism bandwagon. On Hannity last night (12/3/09), Steele wholeheartedly agreed with Sean Hannity that the 2010 election will be “a debate in this country about free market capitalism and socialism.” With video.

At about the 2:40 mark in the video below, Hannity asked, “After the victories of the Republican Party in Virginia and these gubernatorial races and New Jersey, …is this next election in 2010 shaping up to a debate in this country about free market capitalism and socialism?”

“Absolutely,” Steele responded enthusiastically. “Without a hesitation or doubt. I think you saw in Chris Christie’s win in New Jersey and Bob McDonnell’s win in Virginia the beginnings, the seedlings of that debate.”

As Huffington Post has noted, Steele has previously called Obama's health care reform a "socialist power grab". It's a shame that Steele has succumbed to the pressure as I always thought he seemed like a decent guy.