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Fox & Friends Interview Global Warming Denying “Researcher?”

Reported by Priscilla - December 4, 2009 -

Along with the “war on Christmas,” Fox News is aiding and abetting the radical right’s war on science which is now being fueled by what conservatives are calling “climategate” – e-mails from the British University of East Anglia which, according to the corporate owned right wing, “prove” that global warming is a hoax. And Fox & Friends is doing its gosh darned best to reinforce this “proof” which consists of lies and distortions from the same community that would have supported the prosecution of Galileo for daring to say that the earth revolved around the sun. Fox & Friends’ claim that scientists “fudged the numbers” on global warming has been debunked. But what was really amusing was that America’s premier morning kids show and bible hour actually cropped Jon Stewart’s satirizing of the e-mail affair in order to “prove” that Jon Stewart doesn’t believe in global warming. This morning, to reinforce the whole “global warming as hoax” right wing meme, they interviewed Chris Horner a shill (whoops, consultant) for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a wholly owned subsidiary (snark) of Exon Mobil, who claims that NASA is “fudging the numbers.” To say he’s a “researcher” is stretching it; but then Fox & Friends is an opinion show, right?

The Stewart thing was really funny. They missed the whole point of Stewart’s satire which was to show that some scientific infighting is unfortunate because it detracts from the real issue and in so doing showcases the idiocy of people like Jim Inhofe. Fox & Friends didn’t include that comment which was followed by Stewart’s question about whether the rise in the oceans is just Jesus’ tears. And today’s piece was amusing in that it was just another lame attempt to push the anti-science agenda with corporate right wing talking points.

Fox “peroxide blonde” and pretty in pink Gretchen Carlson breathlessly introduced the guest, Chris Horner (who appeared on last night's Hannity), who wants to sue NASA because he suspects that it’s “manipulating data on climate change.” She asked “has climategate now reached NASA?” (Don’t ya love how Gretch speaks as though she’s proffering some juicy gosspip?) Chris Horner was described as a “researcher” and Senior Fellow at the CEI.” His book, “Red Hot Lies” was referenced. While he talked about “satellite data” that shows global cooling, the chyron read “Manipulated Climate Data? Global Controversy Hits NASA.” He claimed that global temperatures are cooling and that after NASA corrected its numbers, it “refudged them.” Chyron read "NASA Climate Info In Question, Researcher Suspects Damaging Data Sharing." As he presented his talking points, Carlson said “right.” I laughed out loud when Horner mentioned that Republican Senators Inhofe and Vitter sent a letter to the Inspector Genera, about safeguarding “damaging” NASA documents against destruction. (Inhofe believes that God wouldn’t allow global warming.) Chyron read “Climate Gate Reaches NASA, Researcher Threatens To Sue For Climate Info.” Horner made more allegations about changed data from NASA and claimed that the global warming “trend” is going down. He then attacked NASA scientist James Hansen by mocking how Hansen alleged that Bush was “muzzling him” and accused Hansen of being a “committed radical and global warming alarmist.”

Comment: According to CEI, Horner is an attorney and author – not a researcher. His anti global warming books were published by right wing Regnery Press. Not noted by Fox & Friends, is his connection to the global warming denier community as counsel to Cooler Heads Coalition, a global warming skeptics group. He has attacked Hansen, on Fox News, in the past. His claim that the the melting of global sea ice is nothing new has been debunked. The claim that he made today, about NASA making a temperature correction regarding global temperatures, is debatable. The Pew Center for Global Climate Change states that the correction was “misconstrued” because the error applied to land temperatures not global temperatures. Despite "climategate" the world's top scientists maintain that temperatures are warming as noted in an article in the Rupert Murdoch owned British "Times." But if “researcher,” Chris Horner makes a claim to the contrary, it’s safe to say that it won’t be challenged on Fox & Friends which has propaganda to peddle. I know that Fox & Friends is an opinion show and they’re entitled to their opinion – but not their “facts.”