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Ed Begley, Jr. A Top Dog On Global Warming

Reported by Guest Blogger - December 3, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

Last Tuesday (11/24/09), Ed Begley, Jr. had a rip-roaring debate on Your World with guest host Stuart Varney over global warming. Begley did what all News Hounds top dogs do on Fox News - he took immediate control of the discussion and refused to allow Varney to frame the debate. Though frustrated, the two parted with friendly respect. With video.

At the beginning of the interview Varney asked, "Do you ever think that maybe you're wrong on global warming?"

"I think the science is very clear on global warming,” Begley said. “Don't get your information from me, folks, or any newscaster. Get it from people with Ph.D. after their name. ‘Peer reviewed studies’ is (sic) the keywords."

Varney said, "Sen. Inhofe has a list of 700 climate scientists who say this global warming, they’ve got problems with the whole theory of global warming… The science is not in."

"It is in. Stuart, quit saying that," Begley responded with another excellent Top Dog maneuver: calling out the host on his tactics. "Go to Science Magazine, folks, Nature Magazine, go to somebody you trust."

"I had a Princeton professor on my program," Varney began

"What does he have his degree in?" Begley asked.

"He's a physicist,” Varney replied.

Begley said, "A physicist? I want people who are in climate science."

Varney had no response to that. "The debate is over?" he asked.

"On global warming? The debate is very clear. It's out there in the scientific community. Read peer reviewed studies,” Begley answered.

Then, after commending Begley on his green lifestyle, Varney asked, "Why do you have to impose it on me?"

Begley outdid Varney again. "Impose? Why do you have to impose dirty air on me in Los Angeles?"

Varney was obviously frustrated. "If cap and trade goes through, I’m going to have to have a warning label on my house."

Begley shut down that argument by saying, "Stop the scare tactics… This is baloney. You should have an energy audit in your home to make it more effective. I just had an energy audit, and I reduced my energy bills by half."

So Varney tried another tack. "I'm not allowed to buy incandescent light bulbs."

Begley said, "What year are you not allowed to buy them? What year in the future?"

"Well does it matter? The government’s telling me I may not have incandescent lights?" Varney said. "You're going to come into my house? Ed Begley, I’m surprised at you. What kind of American believes that a government should come into a private house?"

“Nobody's coming into your house," Begley responded.

"Why do you want to push me around?" Varney asked. He seemed to be saying that the government was pushing him around. But given that he had more or less lost control of the interview, he might as well have been referring to Begley.

"You're spewing your nonsense here yet again,” Begley said. “The air in L.A. is twice as clear as it was in 1970. Why? Because of good technology."

Varney tried to counter by saying, "It has nothing to do with global warming."

As the segment concluded, Varney said, “I thought you were low-key when you walked into the studio.”

“I thought you were, too,” Begley said. “You were having your tea, you’re a proper Brit. I actually like you.”

Varney grinned.