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Brian Kilmeade Wants Illegal Immigrant “Invaders” To Die In The Desert?

Reported by Priscilla - December 3, 2009 -

Gotta love those Fox & Friends. Not only do they provide a daily dose of right wing talking points; but they do the hand gestures and facial expressions to let you know just what they think and what they want you to think. We’re all familiar with Steve Doocy’s verbal inflections so well satirized by Jon Stewart – it’s “huuuuuge.” But yesterday, for the first time, I saw Brian Kilmeade do quite the theatrical eye roll while he was discussing a cell phone application which assists those who are attempting to illegally cross the border. After the eye “tells,” his performance became even more intense with voice inflections and strongly delivered lines. But I don’t think it’s staged. Brian’s nativist passions must be such that he just can’t control himself. If it was staged it was quite the bravura performance. If it wasn’t, it showed the intense ideology behind the simplistic format and silly antics of Fox&Friends. But “staged” or not, Brian Kilmeade showed, during his interview regarding humane treatment of illegal immigrants that, when it comes to issues not in compliance with right wing orthodoxy, he is quite the drama queen and a rather nasty one at that.

In introducing the segment, Kilmeade mentioned that this “controversial” topic had been discussed previously for the last two days on Fox & Friends. Although I didn’t catch these past discussions, I suspect that the little pals were suitably outraged. You could tell that Brian was getting agitated as his voice grew louder during his explanation of this “app” which is “designed to navigate illegals through dangerous terrain safely” (Catch the eye movment) “from country to country.” He then introduced two men – one of whom is Founder of Border Angels and thinks the “app” saves lives and another, founder of anti-immigration group “You Don’t Speak For Me” who wants the developer (Brian emphasized the words) “thrown in jail.” Brian, in a rather testy voice while looking very serious, asked the first man, Enrico Morones, whose group aims to stop unnecessary deaths of those traversing the border,“why this works for you?” Morones said that, like the water provided in the desert, this helps to save lives. He said that people cross the border, not because of the device, but because they need to provide for their family and that there shouldn’t be two people dying a day which is what is happening now. Kilmeade referenced the water stations and asked retired colonel Al Rodriquez if he was “against keeping people alive.” Rodriquez said that there should be no need for water stations because the border should be closed completely. Meanwhile, video of people crossing the border fence was shown. Brian could barely contain a grin when he asked Rodriquez if the developer should be thrown in jail. The chyron read “There’s An APP For That? Technology to Help Illegals Cross The Border.” Brian worked in the perfunctory right wing talking point when he said to Morones, "Enrique, don’t you see the fact that you’re actually helping people to survive AS THEY INVADE OUR COUNTRY? Kilmeade’s jaw was tightly clenched at this point. Morones said that “nobody is invading the country” and added that Rodriquez’s group was a “hate group” and that what his group wants is humane immigration reform. Brian interjected (a hint of sarcasm in his voice) “so in the meantime, tell them where the water fountains are and how to survive?” When Morones said “Exactly, just like the border patrol does…” Kilmeade cut him off; but Morones continued with “the border patrol doesn’t want them dying with to which Kilmeade said they don’t want them coming, either.” (Hmm, if they didn’t come, the border patrol would be out of a job, hmmm). Kilmeade gave the final word to the colonel who asserted that he wasn’t, like Mornones, a Mexican American; but an American who believes in this country. When Morones said that he believed in America, Rodriquez said “apparently you don’t.” Kilmeade nodded in agreement when Rodriquez said that “you don’t follow the laws of the United States. Kilmeade concluded the segment by saying that the discussion “just scratched the surface…”

Comment: Morones was correct about Rodriquez’s “hate” group. The ADL has branded it “extremist” and “xenophobic.” As a front group for the “Federation for Immigration Reform,” it is considered a hate group by the SPLC. But as a vehicle for Fox News anti immigrant propaganda, he was perfect in that he was able to convey what Fox&Friends wanted – i.e. that saving immigrants’ lives is un-American. If Brian had invited somebody from the border patrol or the Department of Immigration, the discussion would have been more rational; but that would have detracted from the raw, emotional nativism that is central to the radical right wing. As a not so subtle propaganda vehicle for anti immigration talking points, this interview was effective. Brian Kilmeade's position couldn’t have been more obvious. His scorn for the idea of saving lives was palpable. (Betcha he’s “pro-life”, too). His hatred for illegal immigrants was in your face and certainly on his.

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