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Never Mind The Evidence! “Patriotic” Beck Wants To Convict SEIU Members Before Trial

Reported by Ellen - December 1, 2009 -

Glenn Beck, that patriot who loves his country so much he’d cry for it, was peeved about having to use the word “alleged” when discussing the so-called crimes of two SEIU members who have been charged in the aftermath of an altercation at a tea party. As Media Matters noted, the video that Beck cited as proof of the purported thuggery, is inconclusive. Beck also whined, along with his guests, that the misdemeanor charges filed were not severe enough. Who needs a judicial system when you have Beck to play judge and jury? There were three people anti SEIU and nobody there in support. With video.

Beck sneered about the scuffle involving the SEIU members and an African American named Kenneth Gladney, “(Gladney) was attacked ‘allegedly’ by two SEIU thugs. I don’t know why we have to say that. We have them on tape.” “Judge Beck” went on to rule based on the word of Gladney, only. “He says they punched him, kicked him, kicked him in the head, called him the n-word.” Beck admitted that he had been bugging the prosecutor, “When are you going to file charges on this case?”

Beck later “forgot” the “allegedly” as he complained that the SEIU workers had only been charged with misdemeanors and violating ordinances. “They kicked (Gladney) in the head, they punched him, they called him the n-word.” Beck also said Gladney had been “kicked in the head by SEIU thugs, just for being at a tea party...”

Judge Andrew Napolitano similarly decided that the SEIU workers were guilty of more serious charges ahead of trial. He said Gladney was attacked in order to “suppress his free speech” and that the suspects should be charged with a hate crime. “Instead, what they’ve charged these thugs with is the moral equivalent of jay walking.”

Mike Flynn, of Big Government (the same outfit that wants to blackmail the Attorney General) whined “This was clearly an orchestrated hit.”