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Fox & Friends – Where Family Values Are Bootylicious

Reported by Priscilla - December 1, 2009 -

Fox & Friends is a mighty fortress against which the nefarious forces of secularism will not prevail. As culture warriors, they stand strong for Christian family values – which, judging from the parade of “Hooters Girls,” and an occasional Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, includes, if not the world and the devil, definitely a lot of flesh. I would have thought that good conservative Christians would be a bit straight-laced; but the Christianity of Fox & Friends is rather libertine. Who knew!! It can be confusing, though, because perky, blonde “friend” and Bill O’Reilly “culture warrior,” Gretchen Carlson, recently told Bill that some high school cheerleaders (dressed in full body leotards) were “overtly sexual.” But then this morning, Fox & Friends presented a bevy of Victoria’s Secret models who strutted their stuff. Oh, well, I’m sure it was an uplifting experience for all the Christian daddies on their way to work and certainly more stimulating than listening to conservative Tucker Carlson whine about evil, librul textbooks. Gotta love Fox & Friends – where Jesus and “hooters” live in peaceful harmony.

Brian Kilmeade did a hard hitting interview with two of the models who are competing for the title of top undies model on a show to be televised tonight. He asked them what it was like living with so many other women and one of them said it was “crazy.” While they were speaking, some “upfront” footage was shown of the models. Brian provided a sympathetic ear for one of the models who was concerned about all the professional criticism that she has received. The other model had been a “business owner;” but her mother encouraged her to enter the competition. Brian then explained that the audience could vote online and to assist the audience, the “girls” did a little “catwalk” while Brian smiled approvingly. The last shot, of the model in white, provided even more “upskirt” than we see from Gretchen Carlson. Brian joked about how he would review the footage. (ewww).

I suppose if Murdoch can't have "Page Three Girls" as he does in his British tabloid, this is the next best thing. Anyway, there’s something for everyone on Fox & Friends - although I would like to see some buff NY City Firefighter calendar guys flexing their pecs. As said in the song used by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, who did a routine on Fox&Friends, Fox News loves those “tigg ole biddies.”