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If Gretchen Carlson Thinks “Whore” Is A Bad Word, She Should Tell Glenn Beck

Reported by Priscilla - November 30, 2009 -

Last week (November 25th) former Miss America and leading luminary of Fox & Friends, Gretchen Carlson, interviewed a Florida “stay at home mom” who was inspired by the teabagger movment to run for congress. Patricia Sullivan, still aglow after meeting Sarah Palin at a book signing, talked about her desire to run for office because she doesn’t like Alan Grayson. Turns out former Miss Minnesota doesn’t like him either because he referred to a K street lobbyist as a whore. Well, excuuuuuse me, Gretchen; but your Fox compadre, Glenn Beck, said the same thing about a Democratic woman (and silly me, I thought only conservative women were attacked). So can we say selective outrage and hypocrisy? Eh?

After Sullivan complained about how her district isn’t being represented by the current office holder, ex beauty queen said “you’re talking about Alan Grayson, who’s getting a lot of headlines, in saying what some deem to be outrageous things.” She then showed the sound bite where Fox cub reporter, Griff Jenkins, confronted Grayson about his having referred to Lynn Robertson as a K street whore. Grayson responded that Griff needed to make an appointment with his press secretary. After the clip, Carlson said that Grayson was “talking about another official and he used a word that we wouldn’t describe on morning television.” Sullivan added that it was “very offensive.”

Comment: Pimping Sullivan’s candidacy had some nice propaganda value for Fox & Friends as it allowed Sullivan to spout the usual teabagger talking points about wanting her children to have a better America, blah, blah, blah. The insertion of the Grayson clip provided validation and reinforcement for his opposition. What Carlson didn’t mention was that Grayson apologized for calling a top official to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke a “ K Street whore.” But that detail might have detracted from the propaganda. Carlson also didn’t mention that Sullivan is a tea party organizer and considered a key player amongst the Tampa teabaggers. In fact, Sullivan was in Tampa to greet the crazy clown car (whoops Tea Party Express). She has her very own website in which she describes herself as “a patriot not a politician,' and which has background music that sounds like either a Slavic marching dirge or a background melody from "Ben-Hur." Her blog contains cool stuff like a peach cobbler recipe. And you can follow Patricia on Twitter where she is known as “Patriot Patricia.” And in reading her Twitter, you can find out that she is a Glenn Beck fan and attended Beck’s performance at The Villages. But wait, didn’t Glenn Beck, who sets the gold standard for saying "offensive" and "outrageous things," refer to Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu as a whore? So once again, can we say selective outrage and hypocrisy, Eh?

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