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Fox Nation Headline About Nativity Scene Ban Twists The Truth

Reported by Priscilla - November 30, 2009 -

But what else is new! In order to reinforce the propaganda meme du jour, the topics on Fox News are frequently seen on Fox Nation. With the holiday season (ewww,I said a bad word) comes the annual Fox News war on those evil libruls and atheists who would deprive the secular square of the baby Jesus. Yesterday, I reported on a Fox & Friends segment regarding the banning of all holiday displays on a Pennsylvania town square. As noted in the accompanying video, Fox really misrepresented the facts. So it's not suprising that Fox Nation would do a thread titled "Atheists Trigger Nativity Scene Ban" in order to get their Christian Nation residents just oozing with Christmas hate.

The facts are thus: The ban is on ALL holiday displays. Because a local group of atheists wanted to erect a solstice sign honoring atheist war dead, the Christians objected because they didn't want the baby Jesus next to an evil atheist sign. Because the town ordinance approved ALL "content neutral" signs, the city was faced with some pissed off Christians. So rather than complying with the policy which would have allowed the atheist sign which angered the Christians, the council changed it. Ergo, the ban was really triggered by the Christians who should be angry at the town government for changing the policy rather than comply with what would have allowed both the Baby Jesus and the atheists to have their day in the sun. But as I said on my last Fox Nation thread - it's feeding time and persecuted Christians are hungry for some red meat. Fox Nation is always there for the bottom feeders.