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Fox & Friends Promote “Merry Christmas” Billboards – Again!

Reported by Priscilla - November 28, 2009 -

Tis the Season for the Fox “War on Christmas” and tops on the Christmas wish list for Christmas warriors (jihadis?) is the demand that everybody better f’ing say “Merry Christmas” or they won’t get any figgy pudding. Aiding and abetting that effort is Fox & Friends which must be starting a holiday (ewwww, I said a bad word) tradition because for the second year in a row, the Christmas billboard ladies are baaaack with their campaign to erect billboards which admonish all you Jews and secular types to get with the program because the baby Jesus isn’t happy. And ever happy to do the Lord’s bidding, Fox & Friends has his back and as part of their support for the Christmas crusade (or is it jihad?) they have no problem helping the billboard ladies raise some Christmas cash – which, one would assume, the baby Jesus would prefer to be spent on the many needy people for whom Christmas is just another day without food and shelter. But hey, there’s a “war on Christmas” happening and Fox News is bringing it.

Yesterday, Fox & Friends second stringer Ainsley Earhardt introduced the bill board ladies as “a group of women who want to keep Christ in Christmas” by urging people to drop “happy holdays.” She emphatically said that “to date they have raised thousands of dollars” for eight billboards but say “their fight is far from over.” The ladies want folks to remember that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. (What – it isn’t about spending copious amounts of cash on stuff you can’t afford!!!!). And despite the First Amendment, they also want folks to stop saying “happy holidays.” The ladies said that the response, to their campaign, has been fantastic with people sending good Christmas wishes and even more importantly good Christmas cash. The chyron was a great piece of propaganda as it presented an arguably bogus “fact” that served to reinforce the meme that “Happy Holidays” is quite the problem: “Merry Christmas” Nixed, More People Saying “Happy Holidays.” Ainsley held up a Christmas billboard button which is one of two messages, from “Jesus,” about how he wants folks to say Merry Christmas. The ladies explained that they want to expand their current eight billboards to as many billboards “as they can;” but it all depends on how much money they raise. And as if on cue ("Hark the Herald"), Ainsley asked where people should go if they want to donate. With the chyron reading “Campaigning for Christmas, Billboards Used To Send A Message” the ladies gave out the website and their PO address. Ainsley said that she would link their information on the Fox website

Thanks to Fox News, the baby Jesus is smiling.