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Fact Checking Glenn Beck – San Francisco ROTC And Haditha

Reported by Priscilla - November 25, 2009 -

Glenn Beck titles one of his TV and Radio commentaries, “One Thing" in which he offers his opinion on various topics. His cult followers say that he speaks the truth about the evil, socialist, Marxist, Nazi, anti-Christ Obama agenda. But in dissecting two of his statements, made yesterday (November 24th), it would appear that truth, in connection with Glenn Beck, is an oxymoron. News Hound Ellen pointed out that Beck claimed that liberals “kicked the ROTC out of San Francisco” and that all charges were dropped against those charged with the Haditha massacre. I didn’t think that these statements were accurate; so I did a little fact checking. If using Bill Adair’s “Fact Check” machine, both of Beck's statements are “pants on fire” lies.

San Francisco still has ROTC. Here’s the website for the University of San Franciso ROTC. In May of 2009, San Francisco reinstated Junior ROTC after it had been banned for three years

While charges against five of the Haditha defendants were dropped, Frank Wuterich is still awaiting trial.

So, not even half truths here - we're talking straight out lies - but when you have propaganda to spread, it's all good.