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Fox&Friends’ Conservative Country Crooner Guest Sings(?!) About “Freedom, Family and Faith”

Reported by Priscilla - November 24, 2009 -

Yesterday, Fox&Friends provided a stage for a singing doctor who was inspired to write and perform a song about “Freedom, Family and Faith” as part of his protest against the librul agenda. Ricky Lee Jackson, a Nashville recording artist who achieved "success and chart position in the 90’s," now “wants his country back.” Given that Fox&Friends are suckers for anything that includes flags and faith, Dr. Jackson was given a stage, yesterday, on Fox&Friends. And if you think Lee Greenwood was gag inducing...

As the chyron read “Freedom, Family and Faith, Singing To Rally The Nation” (read freedom to bore the nation) Jackson wailed about how he gives thanks to the Lord “each dayyay” in "the American way." But despite his gratitutude, he vocalized that “some politicians want our libertyee.” As he sang about the evil “big brother,” shots of American military in the Middle East (talk about Big Brother) were shown in the background. Jackson “grooved” to his fortissimo chorus of “freedom, family and faith” while the American flag waved in the background. As words fail me, I’ll quote Simon Cowell regarding a performance that he didn’t quite approve of: "I actually wish you had forgotten the lyrics because it was such a pointless performance to be honest.”