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Imus Praises Bo Dietl After He Advocates Assaulting Harry Reid

Reported by Ellen - November 23, 2009 -

On Fox Business' Don Imus in the Morning today, Fox News contributor Bo Dietl who, last I checked, is an expert in crime, not health care, may have committed a crime himself as he ranted on the air about "this Medicare Bill" and "small businesses are going out." Complaining that "this Medicare and Medicaid Bill - that's a bunch of baloney," Dietl added, "And this Reid, he needs to be slapped in the face... knock those glasses off his face." So how did host Imus react to his guest advocating physical assault on a U.S. Senator? Imus quietly sat by until Dietl had finished and then said about Dietl, "He's ranting and raving and turning colors, which is good." This comes on the heels of Andrew Breitbart, on Hannity, trying to blackmail Attorney General Eric Holder into holding a federal investigation into ACORN. And, of course, there are the numerous death threats against the Obama administration we have found on Fox Nation. Is there any line too violent or criminal that Fox News won't cross?

UPDATE: More on Dietl. Reader Jeff P. forwarded an article from the NY Daily News which reports that Dietl was named by a mob turncoat as one of several crooked cops who fed information to the Gambino crime family. Dietl vehemently denied the allegation.

Video courtesy of Media Matters.