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From Her Glass House, Liz Trotta Complains About George Stephanopoulos Going To GMA

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 23, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Ira Rosofsky

On yesterday’s America’s News HQ, Eric Shawn interviewed Fox News’ own Liz Trotta (the same Liz Trotta who joked about assassinating then-candidate Barack Obama) about George Stephanopolous's rumored move as host of ABC's Good Morning America. She attacked Stephanopoulos and the whole notion of political operatives taking journalist positions - and for good measure attacked Tim Russert and some other non-Fox news personalities for doing the same. Trotta conveniently overlooked some political operatives with journalist positions right there on Fox News. Video after the jump.

Trotta called Stephanopoulos a flack whose job it was to "lie for Clinton." She said there are no journalistic standards anymore, “These people don't even have a journalist degree.” Stephanopoulos’ ABC bio says he graduated summa from Columbia and was a Rhodes scholar who received a masters in theology. Trotta made no mention of Palin's many colleges, one of which finally gave her a degree in journalism. By Trotta's standards, Palin is far more qualified.

There was also no mention of Mike Huckabee having his own GMA-style show on Fox. Huckabee’s main qualification for the job seems to be that he’s a former governor of Arkansas and a former presidential candidate. Nor was there any mention of the sainted Tony Snow, who went from Fox News to become, a la Stephanopoulous, a flack for the Bush Administration and then to CNN, nor Oliver North who, before he became host of Fox News' War Stories, was a political operative for the Reagan administration and convicted for lying to Congress. If you are a Republican, there's a home for you in the Fox glass house--a glass house in which Trotta now lives and where this Emmy-Award-winning journalist has become a flack for a political operation that disguises itself as a news organization.

Video courtesy of Media Matters.