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Remember This, Folks: Palin Says Her Experience Would Have Been Good as Veep But . . . “We Have to Remember Too That I Wasn’t Running for President”

Reported by Julie - November 22, 2009 -

On 11/20/09, on The O’Reilly Factor, in Part Whatever (III Maybe?) of the O’Reilly-Palin sit-down, Palin as much as said her experience wasn’t sufficient for President. When O’Reilly was questioning whether she should be criticizing President Obama for his lack of experience, because she isn’t exactly brimming over with experience herself, she said, “If you're talking about executive experience, I would put my experience up against his any day of the week. I've been elected to a local office since 1992 and was the city manager, strong leader form of government, was a chief executive of the state, was an oil and gas regulator. There was some good experience there that could have been put to use in a vice presidential ticket. We have to remember, too, that I wasn't running for president.” Let’s all keep that in mind in 2012, shall we?

What stunning revelations does Palin have in Part IV of The Factor interview? Let's do it. With video.

First, just as an aside, in the Factor interview, Part Whatever (11/20/09) (all these Palin appearances on Fox are starting to run together), Palin also gave Tina Fey some new material, like this doozy:

“Scares me the road that he [President Obama] has us on, not seeming to understand what it is that built up America's economic system, the free enterprise principles, the shrinkage of government, not the expansion to allow the private sector to grow and to thrive and to do what it does best and our families keep more of what they earned, so that they can reinvest and prioritize instead of government doing it for them, which is a step towards socialism. So some of the steps we're taking economically right now scare the heck out of me.”

In this, the Part IV interview, Palin demonstrated that, not only is she the antithesis of a Mensa Queen, she's also the Queen of the Zero Sum Game. This is a woman who confused Iran and Iraq more than once in her recent friendly-as-a-puppydog Hannity interview. And here she is in another friendlier-than-friendly interview on The Factor being allowed to criticize President Obama’s international relationships (oh my God, he's bowing to foreign leaders!) and war plans, being allowed to blather about Russia and Putin (the same Putin that rears his head over Alaska airspace?), and Israel and Britain and the Karzai government, and throwing around pat, memorized words and phrases like “embargo” and “sphere of influence” and “terror cells” and “Al Qaeda.” But, no matter how many times Palin reads Presidential Foreign Relations for Dummies, she’s both clueless and careless about what it takes to elevate the United States’ standing in the world – the standing that Bush trashed, and President Obama elevated. As reported by CS Monitor, “Barack Obama's election victory and global popularity have made the United States the world's most admired national ‘brand,’ a new survey finds . . . Step aside, Germany and France. There’s a new brand leader among world powers. Who? The good old US of A – according to a new poll – thanks to the global popularity of President Barack Obama.” The article notes that the United States’ image has changed “from one that dictates to one that consults.”

But, regardless of any long-term gain from the more diplomatic international approach taken by President Obama, Palin’s stuck on the win/lose thing – or, as she said, we should do “. . . what Reagan did . . . he boiled it all down to this. He looked at our enemies, enemies around the world, and he said, we win, you lose. That's what I want to see and feel and hear from our new administration, from President Obama.”

If Sarah Palin were President, she’d be heading to China, thinking she was meeting with Putin.