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More Dishonesty Exposed In Giles and O'Keefe And Their Videos

Reported by Ellen - November 21, 2009 -

I previously posted about how Hannah Giles had flatly contradicted herself about ACORN's response to her sting operation with James O'Keefe in which the pair posed as a pimp and prostitute seeking help getting federal loans. I noted that Giles had previously told Hannity in September that no ACORN office had refused to help them (despite evidence to the contrary). Then, earlier this week, Giles and O'Keefe presented a video made in August that they described as showing the "only" ACORN employee who had refused to help them. Not surprisingly, Sean Hannity either failed to notice or failed to point out the inconsistent statements. Now Media Matters has combed through more footage and uncovered more instances, on multiple Fox News shows and in an interview on Human Events, of the two insisting - until this week - that no ACORN employees had turned them down. Will "fair and balanced" Fox News note this news that happened under their own noses?