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Fox Nation Takes A Not So Fair And Balanced Look At The Health Care Bill

Reported by Ellen - November 21, 2009 -

Not that we're majorly surprised, but it's more than a little humorous to see the list of links below Fox Nation's post about the Senate Health Care Bill moving forward in the Senate earlier today. The post itself is a neutral recitation of the facts: "Sweeping health care legislation has cleared its first hurdle in the Senate on a party-line vote... The rare Saturday session amounted to a first round in the fight to pass the bill in the full Senate, with the remaining Democratic holdouts announcing they would support at least the measure to open debate on the bill, avoiding an early knockout by Republicans." But Fox must have viewed that language as "pro" Democratic. Underneath that squib was a long list of links to 15 other articles. 12 of those articles blast their negativity about the bill or Democrats in the titles. The remaining 3 have neutral titles, but do not indicate support for the legislation. In fact, one of those "neutral" titles, "What We Know About the Senate Health Care Plan" leads to a post on RedState.com. Another leads to a pdf of the Senate bill and the third leads to an article on Foxnews.com. Another example of "fairness and balance," Fox News style. Screen grab after the jump.