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Greg Jarrett Talks “Eric Holder’s Hidden Agenda” – Julie Banderas Talks Traffic

Reported by Priscilla - November 20, 2009 -

Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to allow the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, alleged mastermind of 9-11, in a NY Federal Court, is a contentious one. There are strong opinions on either side of the issue. But if one were watching the Saturday Fox News (and it’s not officially “opinion,” right?) one would have heard information relating to, with the exception of one “fair and balanced” discussion, just one side only. Last Saturday afternoon (November 14th) I had the TV on in the background as I was putting the finishing touches on the Julia Child Beef Bourguignon (and I must say that it turned out quite well). There was a substantial amount of KSM coverage from Gregg Jarrett and Julie Banderas who couldn’t hide their “agita” over the situation. In the time slot from roughly 4:30 to almost 6PM, the supposed “fair and balanced” news was – not so much.

In addition to the video of his comments, Bush’s Attorney General Michael Mukasey, who is totally against the NY venue, was quoted a number of times. So was “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani who is now against the venue. His past support for the Federal trial of Zacarias Moussaoui was not mentioned. The current NY mayor’s support for the venue was not mentioned. Also not mentioned were the 195 successful terrorist convctions, in US courts, during the Bush and Clinton administration. The “fair and balanced” debate, between former Beltway Boy, Fred Barnes and Julia Piscitelli, was actually “fair and balanced” with Julia making a good case for Holder’s decision. But before and after this discussion, Garrett and Banderas articulated concerns about security in NY, disclosure of secret government information during the trial, KSM creating a circus atmosphere, KSM being acquited, and on and on. Banderas was most concerned about the “traffic nightmare.” (Gee, Julie, try taking the subway like all the commoners do). Jarrett spoke with Fox’s James Rosen who, predictably, stayed with the Fox talking points. But what was really interesting, during that discussion, was Jarett’s alluding to “Eric Holder’s hidden agenda.” I didn’t think that Jarrett coined this kind of conspiratorial phrase all by himself so I did a little googling and surprise, surprise (not) found a November 13th article in the conservative National Review in which Andy McCarthy laid out his theory that the NY Federal trial is just part of Eric Holder’s “hidden agenda” to give the “hard left” the “reckoning” of the Bush administration that was promised during the Bush administration. Jarrett didn’t provide the “context” (such as it is). And surprise, surpise, this article was linked by Fox Nation. (Fox does love to reinforce the propaganda!) So if you wanted some “balance” to right wing hystrionics, you didn’t get it in this segment of Fox non opinion News!

As I don’t have video, I’m attaching Jon Stewart’s brilliant take down of the right wing hypocrisy regarding this whole issue.

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