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Hannity and Palin Blame Rahm Emanuel And The Obama Administration For Her Resignation

Reported by Ellen - November 19, 2009 -

Thank goodness Fox News is fair and balanced. If they weren’t, Sean Hannity would have wasted time asking Sarah Palin during their hour-long interview last night (11/18/09) about the many inaccuracies in her new book, the response of the McCain campaign to the allegations she made against them and pressed her on why she really quit her job as Governor of Alaska in the middle of her term. Instead, Hannity left all those bothersome details to the so-called liberal media and seemed determined to compensate for every single piece of negative publicity poor, persecuted Palin ever suffered. So during his interview, Hannity not only dismissed all 15 ethics probes filed against her during her two and a half years as governor, he suggested Rahm Emanuel and the Obama administration were to blame for her troubles and her resignation. Palin wholeheartedly agreed. With video.

Palin presented her decision to quit her job as governor halfway through her term as “doing the right thing for my state.”

Hannity not only completely bought her story, he raised her one, so to speak. After a bit of image rehab in which Hannity urged Palin to rewrite her disastrous Katie Couric interview by telling the audience how she wished she had answered the questions, he said (at about the 4:14 mark in the video below), “You talk about the thumping, you talk about ‘Rules for Radicals,’ and you talk about Rahm (Emanuel) and the Democrats and you got The Chicago Treatment. Do you think they were responsible for a lot of the investigations that ensued which, you know, became very troublesome and expensive for you, which led to the resignation?”

“Absolutely,” Palin said. “But it wasn’t just me. It was the burden put on the state administration. The millions of dollars, the thousands of hours that my staff had to spend just to respond to the frivolous things that were thrown our way and that was all quite unfortunate.”

Obama and Emanuel must have remarkable clairvoyant powers. The Troopergate investigation, for example, began before her nomination. And Rahm Emanuel wasn't working for Obama until after the election.