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Another Defeat For Fox Nation – David Hamilton Confirmed For Appeals Court

Reported by Priscilla - November 19, 2009 -

Fox Nation was all whipped up into a pitchfork frenzy about the nomination of David Hamilton to the Chicago based appeals court. Usually, a federal appeals court nominee would draw no more than a yawn; but not so for Mr. Hamilton whose evil, librul record produced howls of indignation by conservative Christians throughout Fox Nation. It seems that Mr. Hamilton, described as a “Judicial Anarchist” by the “Christian News Wire,” made some decisions, relating to public prayer and abortion, which the American Taliban (whoops, religious right) disapproved of; so, when his nomination was announced, the right wing witch hunt began. That the charges were totally bogus was not a problem for those, including Fox Nation, which sought to demonize this man who, in addition to “Saying Yes to Allah and No to Jesus, worked (gasp) for ACORN, for one month after college and the ultra, evil, librul ACLU. But despite calls to Jesus and the best efforts of Fox Nation, Mr. Hamilton was confirmed by a vote of 59 to 39 in the US Senate.

The stage was set, back in March when Fox Nation linked to an article on the Chicago Tribune blog which was fairly straightforward but sure to get the desired frothing at the mouth from the mention of the frothing conservative reaction. Knowing that their "readership" probably wouldn't read the actual article, Fox Nation titled their thread, "Obama's first judicial nominee an ACORN fundraiser." The ACORN reference was from one of the conservative critics and not supported by any documentation. And as time for the Senate action drew closer, there was a second Fox Nation linked article in the conservative Washington Examiner titled “Former ACORN fund raiser gets Obama judicial nomination. Yes, you read that right.” The thread was titled "Obama Nominee A Former ACORN Fund-raiser." No bias there, no sirreee. Fox Nation did a thread about the unsuccessful Republican filibuster against Hamilton followed up by another thread asking why the GOP Senators backed down on the filibuster. But the piece de resistance was the last one which was a lede and which linked to the not so liberal Washington Times article, “Obama Nominee, Jesus No; But Yes To Allah.” (The same title as the Fox Nation thread) That produced some real gems from the illuminati posting comments on Fox Nation some of which I've included. Note Bene the genius who thought that Hamilton was a member of Obama's cabinet. But as a Pavlovian excercise in stimulus (ACORN, librul, Muslim, etc) and response (Yer all damned to hell) it was classic Fox Nation.

But at the end of the day, Hamilton prevailed. Has Jesus stopped listening to Fox Nation?