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What The Heck Is The Matter With Fox News' Online Videos?

Reported by Ellen - November 18, 2009 -

Has anybody else noticed that Foxnews.com has done something to their videos that renders them almost unwatchable? They repeatedly go black as you're watching and it's nearly impossible to rewind them. Memo to Fox: If you don't want people to watch your videos, then don't post them. If you do, you ought to be able to figure out how to do it in a way that they can actually be watched. I've long been shocked at the dreadful quality of Foxnews.com, which seems deliberately designed to make almost any information hard to find. (Has anyone tried to figure out what time Glenn Beck reruns air? Or tried to find archived interview transcriptsof shows?) It looks like the same let's-see-how-long-it-takes-you thinking has now been applied to the videos. Or is there some super secret password that Fox only gives out to conservatives so that only "the right" people can use their site? Send complaints to yourcomments@foxnews.com

UPDATE: Priscilla reminded me later today that trying to contact Fox News is even more difficult than navigating their website. If you call, you only get voice mail. And there seems to be almost no way to contact Fox Nation other than via email.