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Fox News Obsesses About Obama's Bow

Reported by Ellen - November 17, 2009 -

Jed Lewison at Daily Kos put together a montage of Fox News' ridiculous obsession on President Obama's bow to the Emperor of Japan which I've embedded after the jump. Funny, I could not remember similar coverage of Bush's back rub of Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel. So I did two quick searches of Foxnews.com for comparison: "Bush Angela Merkel shoulders" and "Obama bow." You probably don't need me to tell you which one had more coverage. It wasn't even close.


News Hound Priscilla found several photos of President Eisenhower bowing at Lawyers, Guns and Money. She also found photos of George W. Bush holding hands and kissing the Saudi monarch at Think Progress.

News Hound Alex found a photo of Bush bowing to the Pope and bowing to receive a medal from a Saudi monarch.

Funny how we never heard any complaints from Fox until now!