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Fox Nation Extremists Advocate Violence Over Hoffman NY-23 "Unconcede"

Reported by Alex - November 17, 2009 -

Co-authored by Hula

“Hoffman ‘Unconcedes’ NY-23” was the headline posted at FoxNation.com last night at 8:05 PM EST. Problem is, that’s old – and inaccurate – news. Republican Doug Hoffman, the choice of teabaggers, Limbaugh and Palin in the special election to fill the seat vacated by Congressman John McHugh (who was appointed Secretary of the Army) un-unconceded defeat to Democrat Bill Owens this afternoon, saying that he would await the count of the absentee and military ballots before deciding on a course of action. But waiting is soooo boring, and besides, the citizens of the alternative reality known as FoxNation.com smell blood.


Yesterday, on Glenn Beck’s radio show, Hoffman announced that he was taking back his concession to Democrat Bill Owens, who won the seat in the upstate New York district in the November 3rd special election in spite of the best efforts of the darlings of the fringe right to boost support for the teabagging carpetbagger. The margin of over 5000 votes in favor of Bill Owens – who has been sworn in – has been reduced to 3,026 after a recount, not including paper ballots from the military and overseas which are in the process of being counted. Hoffman, in spite of yesterday’s apparent rebellion, has now stated that he will await the results of the full count before deciding on a course of action.

Meanwhile, back at Bizarro World, the Fox sheeple-in-wolves-clothing are baaaahhhhing in outrage, attacking President Barack Obama, Vice President Biden, former Vice President Al Gore, and Speaker of the House Pelosi. And, of course, there are the calls for violence against Democrats and liberals, including assassination and civil war, including this one which was, oh miracle of miracles, removed by the moderator a number of hours after we first saw it:

If indeed the 23rd district is overturned then I will throw a party.
I will invite Acorn, Polosi, Reid, Francken, moveon.org, Zsoros, lakeside Chicago liberals, Gore and any other democrat nurcase and I will give them a very tasty meal of Fly Agaric Omelette. (sic)
Civil War anybody.
Time to act not to talk?
Open season on all liberals.
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 02:43 AM

These were still standing as of 6:35 PM EST:


MSNBC has this update on the ballot count. Maybe one of our fearless readers would like to post this info at FoxNation. But wear your hazmat suite ‘cuz it’ll get messy when their heads explode.

In NY-23, Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has "unconceded." He did so on Glenn Beck's radio show. But the NBC Elections Unit reports that the number reported by the Syracuse Post-Standard on absentee ballots, 10,000, is misleading. Hoffman may trail by some 3,000 ballots, BUT officials in NY-23 have ALREADY factored in about 5,000 of those absentees. The 10,000 number is how many were distributed -- not counted. So instead of an approximate 7-3 split that Hoffman would need to overturn the result, he'd need about more than a 4-1 split. Big difference.
And the upstate NY Watertown Daily Times has reported this in the past hour: “Mr. Hoffman now trails Mr. Owens by 2,959 votes, with 5,570 absentee ballots left to be counted.”