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What Will Be Fox News' First Salvo Against Obama In The War On Christmas?

Reported by Ellen - November 16, 2009 -

News Hounds emerita Chrish sent me this link from fhe blog of fellow emerita, Melanie, Say It Ain't So Already, debunking a phony email going around claiming that the Obamas aren’t going to call the White House Christmas tree a “Christmas tree” this year and that they are going to ban all ornaments that have a religious theme.

That got me thinking. Surely, the "fair and balanced" network will find something to criticize about the Obamas' Christmas celebration. Will their tree be too short? Too tall? Too "black?" Too un-American? Not Christian enough? Secretly socialist? Let us know your guess. A free News Hounds tee shirt to the reader with the first correct answer. We'll call it a holiday contest.