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Hide The Women And Cue The Black Helicopters - Bill O’Reilly And Glenn Beck Are Coming To Your Town

Reported by Priscilla - November 16, 2009 -

Scarier than Godzilla and killer bees – Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck are taking their weak act on the road and they could be coming to a venue near you. This magical, mystery tour, billed as “Bold&Fresh” is, according to the website, “an event that makes professional wrestling seem like a night at the opera.” (Oh please tell me that they’re not wearing tights). It starts in January when they’re “coming out” (simmer down) “from behind their desks and going on tour.” BTW, did ya know that “in Bill's world, brutal honesty beats hypocrisy every time.” (“Family values” and unwanted phone sex – no problem!). And who knew that Glenn Beck, college dropout, is “steeped in the teaching of our forefathers.” (Who are surely rolling in their graves as we speak). Anyway, the tour starts not in Levittown; but in Westbury Long Island which is where Bill actually grew up and then heads south to Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia. So act now for primo tickets and a chance to have your loofahs and AK 47’s autographed by the stars. “Bold and Fresh” – I think we can come up with more creative titles. Talk to me.