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Fox News "Celebrates" Fall Of Berlin Wall Anniversary By Attacking Obama As Anti-Capitalist

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 16, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

Saturday’s (11/14/09) Bulls & Bears Saturday focused on the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall. Not surprisingly, they used the occasion to attack President Obama as anti-capitalist. With video.

Gary B. Smith started the ball rolling by saying, "Instead of the Great Emancipator (Reagan), we got the Great Enabler in President Obama. He is the most anti-capitalistic, anti-business president I can recall in memory, maybe in history. Look, he has really no businessperson, on any cabinet or high staff position. Basically, all his socks to business are basically saying ‘big government will do it.’ …If Obama’s really serious about getting this economy kick started, he would do one thing: he would cut taxes, and give that money to businesses and people to see fit. Instead, he wants to go the other way, take our money, take business’ money, and spend it as he sees fit. Basically, it's a planned economy and it won't work."

Maria Cardona, Democratic strategist, said, "There's so much hyperbole here… In fact, everything that he's done from the very beginning is to make sure that we do not collapse economically, and that our viability around the world continues to be the strongest… If we don't focus on our education, …on trying to be independent on foreign oil, then our future is going to be one where capitalism is going to completely fail."

Host Brenda Buttner asked, "Eric (Bolling), what has he done that's not capitalist?"

Bolling said, "The pay czar telling us how much we can make… How about the car czar telling us, ‘Hey, if you can't afford a car, here’s $4500,’… and last but not least, the mortgage czar, which says, ‘If you can't pay your mortgage, don’t worry about it. We'll modify it, we’ll make your rate go down, we’ll excuse some of the loan, and we'll take care of it.’ …(It's) more socialism than capitalism."

Comment: Bolling wrong about the pay czar. He's not regulating everyone's pay, just the ones from companies who took TARP money. Also, cash for clunkers was a success. Obama's not even close to being a socialist.