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Connecting The Dots... Glenn Beck's Penchant For Extremists And White Supremacists As Guests

Reported by Ellen - November 16, 2009 -

Glenn Beck often attacks the Obama administration with McCarthyesque, guilt-by-association accusations. As it happens, Beck has a bit of 'splaining to do about some of his own radical associations. Sam Stein at the Huffington Post connected the dots and found a rather long string of extremist, white supremacist guests repeatedly hosted by Beck on his shows. (H/T Lula)

Stein wrote:

The Huffington Post took a look some of the bombastic host's past guests and found names steeped in controversy. Beck has hosted, and even occasionally praised, a renowned white supremacist, a devout southern secessionist, a defender of slavery, and a 9/11 skeptic.

...If Beck were a self-avowed journalist -- which he's not -- these guests could be chalked up as an effort to foster intriguing debate, whether about immigration policy, constitutional principles or the strength of the dollar. But, taken as a whole, the roster reflects the host's partiality to an ideology that is far-right if not outright extremist.

Beck himself has argued that one must "step back and look at the big picture" if one wants to understand philosophical motives.