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Fox News Critiques Obama's Parenting Skills

Reported by Ellen - November 14, 2009 -

Not content with characterizing President Obama as a radical socialist who hates our country, Fox News is now suggesting that he's not a good parent. So what's the evidence? Has he abused his children? No, of course not. Let them run wild? Not that we know of. No, the offense, which neither Bill O'Reilly or his guest were sure was an actual problem - but it might have been a problem - was that Obama told an anecdote about daughter Malia getting a bad grade in school. With video.

"Recently President Obama commented about his daughter's school grades," O'Reilly said in all seriousness at the beginning of the segment. He played a clip of Obama telling an anecdote about Malia Obama, getting a 73 on a test and then, after changing her work habits, a 95. O'Reilly said, "Malia is 11 years old. The question is, should the President have said all that?" Then he brought on a clinical psychologist, Michelle Golland, to help us figure it out.

O'Reilly said he didn't have "any trouble" with the anecdote because it had a happy ending. Golland, however, had her concerns. "It does have a happy ending... but I think what we do have to be really careful, as parents, is that we don't embarrass our children." She said that Obama should have asked Malia if it was OK before he told the anecdote about her. Golland admitted that "this may have occurred."

"If she didn't mind, then it's really no big deal," Golland continued."But If she did mind and he did it, then that's where it could be a problem."

Then, although they both agreed that the President was not being malevolent toward his daughter, Golland added that if Malia had been hurt,"he needs to repair that with her."

What Obama criticism will Fox reach for next? He brushed his teeth wrong? His tie is the wrong color?

Video below thanks to Media Matters.