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Get Ready For Foaming At The Mouth Over 9/11 Trials

Reported by Ellen - November 13, 2009 -

So a president entrusts our criminal justice system to handle one of our most serious crimes and the opposition not only opposes the move but is using it to attack him. Aided and abetted by the self-proclaimed "voice of opposition," the also self-proclaimed "fair and balanced" Fox News. Fox Nation, "asks," Should 9/11 Plotters Be Brought to NYC for Trial? and then surreptitiously answers the question by providing links to four obviously anti-Obama stories:

Obama Decision to Try 9/11 Plotters Drawing Fire
Does Holder Have a Hidden Agenda?
Boehner: 'Irresponsible' Decision to Try 9/11 Mastermind in Federal Court
Lieberman: 9/11 Terrorists Not Entitled to Federal Court Trial

Update: Sure enough, Live Desk has Martha MacCallum interviewing two guests, both of whom are attacking Obama's decision. One said Dick Cheney was right.