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Glenn Beck: If We Don’t Call Nidal Malik Hasan A Terrorist, “We’re All Doomed."

Reported by Ellen - November 12, 2009 -

Beck is back and with as much unhinged, self-centered, hate mongering as ever. For his homecoming monologue yesterday (11/11/09), Beck singled out the alleged Fort Hood shooter, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who, Beck insisted, must be labeled not just a “terrorist” but a “Muslim,” “extremist” terrorist. Doing otherwise, according to Beck would “clear a path” for terrorists to perhaps “come to your house and shoot your children in the head” and we’d all be “doomed.” Beck also focused on one of his old chestnuts of witch-hunt targets, SEIU. Rather than show any gratitude for the care he undoubtedly received from SEIU members while in the hospital (and they must have all been professional enough not to hold a grudge or else I'm sure we would have heard about it), Beck suggested that the only difference between SEIU and Hasan, other than the severity of their behavior, was that SEIU were not Muslims. And, of course, Beck also suggested that President Obama and progressives favor extremists, even Muslim terrorists, over Americans with a different political view. While the rest of us are mourning the horror of what happened, Beck was asking, "Why can't my side act more like Hasan?" With video.

“Has anybody over at the White House labeled Nidal Malik Hasan, you know, the terrorist,… an extremist?” Beck asked rhetorically, as if something important rested on the answer. Yet, rather than have one of the Fox News reporters actually ask the White House, he used his question as the starting point for a series of insinuations of sinister shenanigans.

“There is no hesitation by Barack Obama’s political arm, Organizing for America… to send out an email calling tea party goers ‘extremist’ … This guy (Beck pointed to a photo of Hasan), no, no, (he's) 'misunderstood.'”

It was a false equivalent. Tea Partyers were trying to influence politics. In that context, their behavior was extreme. As far as we can tell - and not even Beck reported otherwise - Hasan had no political or other agenda except, maybe, anti-Americanism. But we don't know yet.

But, as usual, it really seemed to be all about Beck. “I’m an extremist because I dare expose what no one else will,” he said, urging us to think that the White House sees him as a bigger villain than Hasan.

Which was a sure sign that Beck was about to suggest that the left is a close second to Hasan when it comes to evilness. Sure enough, that’s where he headed, after a few melodramatic detours. First came the diversion of celebrating the execution of the D.C. sniper and a look forward to celebrating the execution of Hasan (if he’s found guilty, Beck was sure to add). Then came another side trip to attack Frank Rich and other media “acting as the propaganda arm of the White House” (Funny how Beck never seems to notice a certain television network acting as the propaganda arm of the GOP right there under his nose). Then Beck leaned into the camera with his serious face and asked, “When did words and ideas replace fists and bullets as tools of violence? Words and ideas, boy, I always thought those were good things.” Well, unless you’re Van Jones or Anita Dunn or Cass Sunstein or Robert McChesney.

“Maybe we should read a little George Washington,” Beck said, letting us know what a patriot he was, just as he was getting ready to lay some real hate on America. And here came his first suggestion that Beck’s political opponents might try to kill him – or somebody they don’t agree with: “Let me tell you this, if you don’t fight on the battlefield of ideas, with your mouth, with your mind… there will be another battlefield. It will be fought with guns… I know you see what is being created,” he said to his audience. “I know you see that we are being led into an American cemetery. Society cannot survive like this. You cannot have, ‘This one is an extremist and we label them – for speaking out – and, ‘This one is not an extremist who is actually killing people.’”

Then, having established his righteousness, he must have thought, Beck moved on to go after SEIU, sniping at the White House as he did so. “No one at the White House or the New York Times has referred to the beat downs issued by SEIU members as ‘violent or extreme.’ … The SEIU thugs caught on video beating down an African American tea party goer after referring to him as the n word?”

Um, maybe because Beck’s version of events is in dispute, a fact the “we report, you decide” network never seems to feel necessary to tell its viewers.

Beck went on to play another clip of supposed SEIU violence, this time in California and similarly failed to mention SEIU's vastly different version of what happened.

“Democrats, I hope you all learned your lesson. Don’t you dare speak out against the SEIU or you’ll end up like he is, in the hospital.” Even if you believe SEIU is at fault for the two scuffles, it’s a gross overstatement to announce that anyone who speaks out against the SEIU would wind up in the hospital. It's even worse to compare the two fist fights to the slaughter at Fort Hood. But since Beck was so insistent about people boldly speaking out, I’ll join him in the effort and say that his accusations were extremist McCarthyism and were just another indication that the only ones he really tolerates speaking freely are those with whom he agrees.

“This man (Hasan) was not afraid to speak his point of view,” Beck continued, really moving in for the political kill now. “He was protected, you see. But you’re not.” Knowing Beck, I suspect that what he really meant was that he is not.

Then, claiming he was doing away with political correctness, Beck showed a picture of a large person he called “a big fat fattie, Fatso;” a homeless person he said could be “a bum” or “wino;” and – wasn’t he just so clever! – a mug shot of someone Beck called a “criminal.” “I would call him a thug but I don’t know if he actually worked for SEIU or not.”

Beck moved on to suggest that unless others bandied about wild-eyed accusations the way he does, we’re all doomed. As he held up a photo of Hasan, Beck said, “If you don’t call him a terrorist, it clears a path for them to carry out an extremist terrorist plan. Kill people.” He added, bizarrely, “I’m supposed to worry about losing my job and my house? Really? Here’s an idea. How about we all live in fear and then these people come and then they kill us and then our country is over. Hey, if we stay silent long enough, maybe they can come to your house and shoot your children in the head. What do you say?”

“If we call fat people ‘Rubenesque’ or Osama bin Laden a ‘freedom fighter,’ … we’re doomed,” Beck carried on.

And then he brought it all back to himself. “America, the time is coming when peaceful people are going to assemble and they will NOT SIT DOWN. They will not engage in violence but they will not hand their sovereignty or their freedom or their children’s economic freedom over quietly. If that makes me extremist...” He threw up his hands. “Oh, well.”

And it's funny, but with all that emoting, Beck never once focused on the Fort Hood victims. He seemed to be suggesting that the only one really suffering is himself.

Here’s Beck’s email address. Feel free to let him know what politically incorrect term might apply to him. glennbeck@foxnews.com