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Subbing For Glenn Beck, Judge Andrew Napolitano Stops One Step Short Of Advocating Insurrection

Reported by Ellen - November 11, 2009 -

OK, so he was missing the chalkboard, the props and a certain je ne sais quoi pas but Judge Andrew Napolitano's incendiary rabble-rousing on Glenn Beck must surely have warmed the heart (assuming he has one) of the absent host. With some brief, pointed words, Napolitano advocated a series of radical actions such as demanding that state legislatures defy the federal government with regard to health care reform and abolish the income tax. With video.

Napolitano gave a concise version of Beck’s editorializing segment that opens every one of his shows. What Beck does in 15 minutes or so of histrionics and theatrics, Napolitano accomplished in a tidy 2 and a half. He started by railing against the health care bill approved by the House of Representatives over the weekend. “Freedom of choice and control over your own body will be lost. More of your hard earned-dollars will be at the disposal and tender mercies of federal bureaucrats. It was not intended to be this way. We elected the government… How did it get so removed, so arrogant? …Evil rarely comes upon us all at once and liberty is rarely lost in one stroke. It happens gradually over the years and decades and even centuries. A little stretch here, a cave-in there. Powers are slowly taken from the states and the people and before you know it, we have one big monster government that recognizes no restraint on its ability to tell us how to live.”

Napolitano told us that he’ll be giving “a public lecture” on Constitutional law on the Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, on Foxnews.com and on Fox nation. Judging from this little foretaste, it promises to be quite a conflagration. “Many of you have asked what can we do now about the loss of freedom?” Napolitano continued. Then he set upon a litany of suggestions that made me more than a little queasy: “We can vote the bums out of their cushy federal offices, we can persuade the state governments to defy the Feds in areas like health care where the Constitution gives the federal government zero authority. We can ask our state legislatures to threaten to amend the Constitution to abolish the income tax, to return the selection of US senators to state legislatures and to nullify, to nullify! all the laws that Congress has written that are not based on the constitution. But there is one thing we can't do. Just sit back and take it.”