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Steve Doocy “Still Standing” With Persecuted Carrie Prejean – A Champion Of “Free Speech”

Reported by Priscilla - November 11, 2009 -

Fox&Friends does love persecuted Christians and despite her loss of the Miss California crown, Carrie Prejean is still the queen of them all. Carrie is making a career out of victimization; but it’s not just the slings and arrows of the librul/gay agenda that poor Carrie has been suffering, as she was dropped from an event sponsored by her fellow defenders of “opposite marriage,” “Defenders of the Family.” But not to worry – Sean Hannity enveloped her in warm, fuzzy Christian fellowship and now Steve Doocy has provided her with a pulpit from which to preach her gospel of persecution and promote her book. And the matter of her having been spurned by fellow crusaders – it was only mentioned in a chyron. Fellow Christian Steve Doocy didn’t mention it as the intent was to show that poor, persecuted Carrie Prejean, as a champion of “free speech,” is a true “profile in courage.”

Doocy began yesterday’s interview with an affirmation of a right wing talking point (evil libruls/gays) and the meme of poor, persecuted Carrie: “When Carrie Prejean took a stand for traditional marriage she could hardly have predicted the firestorm that would follow. She lost her Miss California crown and endured endless attacks from pageant officials and the media many who sought to destroy her because she didn’t agree with their agenda.” He read the title of her book, “Still Standing, The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate, and Political Attacks," (love that victimhood!) and added “Carrie you’ve certainly had a whole bunch of that.” Doocy spoke about the tape. She affirmed that it existed and then went into victim mode: “there has been a campaign to silence me, people who were furious at my answer. Stop me from spreading my message.” (And who might they be?) She explained that this is why she wrote the book “which is important for Americans to give them hope and let then know their beliefs shouldn’t be under attack.” (What an incredible role model!) Victimhood (with a dash of paranoia) was repeated when she said, again, that her beliefs were under attack and that she was punished and “they tried to silence me.” (Who’s “they?”) The chyron read “Beauty Queen’s Backlash, Dropped From Conservative Event. Pageant footage of Carrie presenting herself in that virginal white bikini was shown. When she said that she was told not to discuss what happened during mediation because of confidentiality, Doocy, obviously not familiar with the law, asked “isn’t that blackmail?” She said that you could call it whatever you wanted but there’s been a campaign of people who are furious and they’ve called every one of my ex boyfriends “ The chyron reinforced the victimization: “After Losing Crown, How Pageant Tactics Cost Prejean the Crown.” Regarding the Christian softcore, she admitted that she takes “full responsibility for her actions, she was young, and that it’s awkward to be talking about this.” Doocy “interpreted” (a Fox&Friends technique, a variant of the “reach around” which is a summation of the interviewee’s position and which allows the guest to reiterate the message once again) about her interchange with Perez Hilton – “you knew that if you told the truth, in your heart, that you would loose the crown." She provided the pre programmed response: “right, exactly.” She said that had to be honest and she knew that it would cost the crown. Chyron – A “PC” Society, Prejean Fights For Free Speech." Doocy said “you could have given another answer” and she agreed. Doocy asked “if you had it do all over all again, you’ve been called a Nazi and much worse.” (So Steve, are you as outraged about the Obama as Nazi comments and visuals from your fellow travelers?) He asked if she would do it all again. And, of course, she would. As the chyron, in reinforcing Carrie’s bravery under such adversity read “Carrie’s Courage, Prejean Stuck to her Convictions” she reiterated about how “it’s all a campaign to silence me.”

Comment: The only thing lacking from this puff piece was a chorus of “Onward Christian Soldiers.” But it did serve to remind us that Carrie is the victim of that evil “PC” society, ruled by evil libruls and gays, which is constantly attacking the sweetest example of young Christian womanhood ever to grace the set of Fox&Friends. Steve Doocy, who was “standing” for Carrie (in probably all senses of the word – wink, wink) didn’t mention the affront that she suffered from her fellow family values pals. He didn’t ask for details about the lawsuit which was based on the Miss California pageant’s claims that Carrie was spending too much time being a family values spokesmodel. And there was the matter of the fake mammaries. Neither Doocy nor persecuted Prejean mentioned that the “pageant will pay about $100,000 to her lawyers and publicist, a fraction of her costs.” But that wouldn’t fit the message of the day which is that Carrie Prejean is a righteous role model for the religious right. I wonder if a pro gay rights beauty queen, who lost a title because of a teen skin video on her resume, would be granted the same kind of deference on Fox Opinion News. Hmmm….