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Fox Opinion News Get Caught Using Wrong Footage - Whoopsie!

Reported by Priscilla - November 11, 2009 -

Fox Opinion News, as America's Tea Party news room, seemed to be on board with the teabagger mythology that hundreds of thousands of proud pitchforkers attended the 9-12 march in September. And it also seems that they have no problem with the latest iteration of the mythology which claims that Saturday's astro turfed insane clown posse gathering on the steps of the Capitol brought in 20,000 to 40,000 teabaggers when the actual number seems to be smaller. So it was no suprise that Fox fave and conspiratorialist Congresswomen Michele Bachmann promoted the propaganda while being interviewed on Fox Opinion News. Problem was that the film footage, which purportedly showed vast hordes of pissed off populists, was taken at the September rally which drew far greater numbers than Saturday's party. But who cares about such silly details when you've got propaganda to peddle?! Jon Stewart explains it all.

Update: Media Matters has a piece on Fox's "use" of audio and video. In their summary, they forgot to mention the Planned Parenthood in the crosshairs graphic used during a Laura Ingraham segment.

Update: Hannity apologized for the "screw up" on his 11/11/09 show. He did not explain how someone could have "inadvertently" mixed up video from a much larger event with video of a much smaller event and nobody at Fox noticed or cared until Jon Stewart mocked them. Video after the jump.

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