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“Family Values” Champ Carrie Prejean Admits To Making Sex Tape As A Teenager

Reported by Ellen - November 10, 2009 -

Let me be perfectly clear. Carrie Prejean’s position on gay marriage is a non-issue to me. It’s not my position but I can understand someone feeling that way. Nor do I care if that same person poses for topless photos or makes a sex tape. But if that same person holds herself up as some kind of champion of family values and personal conservatism, well, it’s an issue. And it’s an even bigger issue if that same person has already made some very questionable excuses when a series of topless photos of herself had previously surfaced. But not surprisingly, none of those issues seemed to occur to Sean Hannity as he interviewed Prejean Monday night (11/9/09). In fact, he was so sympathetic, he helped her explain away the blatant hypocrisy – about the sex tape, that is. He seemed to have developed a case of amnesia about the topless photos. Meanwhile, as Prejean repeatedly called the tape a mistake, made when she was a teenager, she never once said anything about the behavior being a mistake. Instead, as Prejean bragged about how she took “total responsibility” for the video, she seemed to take no responsibility for having engaged in such lewd behavior with a man not her husband - and as a teenager no less. In fact, Hannity praised her for giving advice to young girls in her newly released book. With video (of the Fox News interview, not the sex tape).

As Hannity’s former television partner, Alan Colmes, has written on his blog, Prejean claimed last spring that a photographer sneakily took a racy photo of her in betweeen poses at a photo shoot, just at the moment when a gust of wind blew her way (never mind that the photo looks very posed and that Prejean just happened to be standing around wearing nothing but an unbuttoned vest and a bikini bottom). After vowing that just one photo was taken, more surfaced. But that didn’t stop Prejean from showing up at the Values Voters Summit and bragging about sticking up for God and the truth.

About a week ago, as I previously posted, TMZ reported that Prejean immediately walked away from her demands for more than a million dollars from the Miss California USA Pageant once she saw "an XXX home video of her handiwork." TMZ said it had obtained the video months before but had decided not to post it due to its extremely graphic nature. "Let's just say, Carrie has a promising solo career," the site quipped.

Inconveniently for Prejean, this revelation came about just as she published a new book which touts her as “a strong woman of admirable religious, political, and moral substance.” Hannity announced that he was proud to have written the foreword.

“We might as well go right to it,” Hannity said at the beginning of his interview with Prejean. “TMZ, the website, has up there that they have obtained a… Carrie Prejean sex tape. What’s going on?”

Prejean repeatedly suggested that it wasn't really a sex tape because she was alone. "Well, they can call it whatever they want to call it,” Prejean said. “But, it was the biggest mistake of my life. I was all by myself. I was sending a boyfriend at the time, who I loved and cared about… video of me and… I was a teenager at the time… It was bad judgment… It’s embarrassing and it’s humiliating to be talking about this now on national TV.”

Wait a minute, wasn’t it immoral? Isn’t this exactly the kind of behavior Family Values Folk rail against? Maybe not.

Prejean admitted that it bothered her, though she didn’t say why. “But you know what? You just take responsibility for it and I am. I’m taking total responsibility for it.” Well, I guess that’s better than the way she tried to shirk responsibility for the topless photos. But having said that, Prejean began to sound like she was justifying her behavior. “I was, you know, alone, sending it to my boyfriend who I cared about and loved about (sic) at the time. When you’re young, you think… this is the one and… never did I think it would come and slap me right in the face.” Hmm, I’m not hearing a lot of remorse for that lewd behavior from a youngster.

“This is not a sex tape,” Hannity said. “When we hear the word ‘sex tape,’ this is not anything like some of the ones we’ve heard about… You were sending video of yourself to your boyfriend.” Yeah, triple x video that TMZ found too graphic to publish.

“I was all by myself and… no one was in the room with me… I was not having sex with anybody… Call it whatever you want to call it,” Ms. "I take full responsibility" said.

I think we get the picture.

“It’s a pretty big betrayal,” Hannity said, referring to the boyfriend who sold the video, rather than Prejean’s very un-Values-Voters-like behavior.

“I’ve learned a lot,” Prejean said, not about her behavior but “about people and just what they’ll do to make some extra money.”

Prejean reiterated that it was “the worst mistake of my life." Then she added that she’s “ready to just move forward.”

That’s one statement from her I don’t doubt.