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Chickenhawk Brian Kilmeade Won’t Share His Foxhole With A Muslim?

Reported by Priscilla - November 9, 2009 -

“Chickenhawk" is a word “used to criticize a politician, bureaucrat, or commentator who strongly supports a war or other military action, yet who actively avoided military service when of age." Fox Opinion News commentator Brian Kilmeade was born in 1964 and that means that he could have served in both conflicts in Iraq. Whether he actively chose not to serve or had, like the former vice-president, "other priorities," who knows. What we do know is that he chose to do other things which included, during the Bush II war of choice, being part of a “news” team which actively cheered the war from the first moment of “shock and awe” (Brian and his chums loved those “fireworks”). So it was interesting to note Kilmeade’s question, during a fairly reasoned discussion (thank you Geraldo for presenting the “minority” position”), about whether it’s “time for the military to have special de-briefings of Muslim army, civilian, officers…I’m gonna be deployed in a foxhole…I gotta know the guy next to me is not gonna want to kill me.” (Hmmm, was Brian asking for de-briefings of white, Christian soldiers with white supremacist connections, after the Oklahoma city bombing?) But really, seriously, Brian Kilmeade in a foxhole – as if!!! I suppose that Fox&Friends is a “Fox”hole – but being that he’s with soulmates, I guess he’s safe.