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Rep. Joe Wilson Lies On Your World… And Neil Cavuto Lets Him Get Away With It

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 6, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

On Wednesday’s (11/4/09) Your World, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-You lie!) was interviewed about President Obama's health care bill. When asked about Congress going forward in the wake of the previous day’s election returns, Wilson said, "It's actually arm twisting to secure the votes… The 2000 page bill is a bill, which is a takeover of a significant portion of our economy. It's not being thought through...It's taking advantage of the American people. Attacking senior citizens, attacking small business." Comment: BarackObama.com says Obama’s plan "protects Medicare for seniors.” and "provides small business tax credits." You lie, twice, Rep.Wilson!

Wilson continued, "Sadly, it’s the public's money, not the government's money. It’s the taxpayer's money which is being used to secure votes, to twist arms for new programs, for exemptions."

“…I think it's a disconnect. The voters spoke (Tuesday), and they want limited government, not big government. These are the same members of Congress who voted for the National Energy Tax, which is a tax of $3400 on each family."

Comment: The CBO says the cost is $175 per household. You lie! Also, two Congressional races were won by Democrats yesterday, so how did people reject big government? You lie!

Host Neil Cavuto challenged none of those falsehoods.