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Is Glenn Beck Now In Bed With The SEIU?

Reported by Ellen - November 6, 2009 -

It may be time to plaster a photo of Glenn Beck next to a photo of Chairman Mao. Because the two seem to be in bed together. As Alexander Zaitchik writes in AlterNet, Beck has tweeted about the "AMAZING" care he has received from doctors and nurses treating him in the hospital since the emergency removal of his appendix earlier in the week. Zaitchik also notes, "It's a safe bet" that whatever hospital Beck is in, that it is staffed by members of the Service Employees International Union. That's the same SEIU which, according to Beck is a branch of the tree of "Radicalism and Revolution." So has Beck been hoodwinked by these dangerous enemies of our country? Or has he joined them on the dark side? Or is this all part of the 11/3 Project? I report, you decide.