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Only On Fox News: Praising Our President Is Dangerous And Unpatriotic

Reported by Ellen - November 5, 2009 -

Those two uber patriots, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin, teamed up on Hannity last night (11/4/09) to hype the “findings” of the latest “expose” video from Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood – 11 instances of school children singing the praises of our president, “uncovered,” as Media Matters noted, from YouTube. According to Hannity and Malkin, school children singing about our President is downright – well, un-American. With Video.

Hannity began the segment by saying the video offered “shocking new evidence that schools all across the country are going to great lengths to indoctrinate your children. 11 new videos of students being forced to sing, dance and speak in praise of The Anointed One, President Barack Obama, have been uncovered.” As Media Matters pointed out, the eleven videos are a miniscule percentage of the 63,000 public schools in the U.S.

Hannity played a sample of some of the videos. I had difficulty understanding what the kids were singing but the lyrics I made out were:

Barack Obama is our new president. Barack Obama is the leader of our land.

He wants (unintelligible) and better health care. He wants to make sure that (unintelligible).

Obama is fresh, Obama is cool, (unintelligible).

Oh, no, how could they!!!

Hannity said to Malkin, “Just imagine that this was George Bush. Imagine if this were George Bush. What would the reaction be, Michelle?”

Sourpuss Malkin was as condescending and supercilious as ever. I guess that’s how we’re supposed to know what a true patriot she is, unlike those who wish to praise our president. “It would be Armageddon in the halls of the elite media offices in New York and Washington, DC,” she said.

I hate to burst Malkin’s bubble but the fact is such things did happen and there was no Armageddon. As a matter of fact, there seems to have been barely a ripple – nothing like the hissy fit on the right over a tribute to Obama. For example, Huffington Post reported that in 2006, about 100 children from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama serenaded First Lady Laura Bush with a song praising the President, Congress, and Federal Emergency Management Agency for their response to -- of all things -- Hurricane Katrina. I don’t recall any “Armageddon” erupting. More recently, the Dallas Morning News reported that children at a special needs school “serenaded” Laura Bush to wish her a happy birthday. And who can forget former Fox News reporter Jon Du Pre explaining in Outfoxed how he got in trouble for not making Ronald Reagan’s birthday celebration enough of a big deal? The celebration that he did report about showed a group of 4th graders singing “Happy Birthday” to Reagan and writing birthday wishes. But, according to Du Pre, “my live shots weren’t celebratory enough” for Fox and he was suspended. Where was Fox News’ concern about school children being coerced and/or indoctrinated then? Completely absent, as far as I can tell. The incidents were certainly absent from Hannity's and Malkin's radar screens.

Nevertheless, Malkin offered a fleeting smile, as she talked about Armageddon in the “elite media offices." Obviously, the elite media are not true Americans, not worth the concern of real patriots like Malkin.

Then she got right down to her sanctimonious superciliousness. Speaking of Obama’s address to school children in September, Malkin said, “I warned that the real problem wasn’t with the boiler plate speech… the real problem is the radicalization of these students – the use of children across America as junior lobbyists for the left that goes on every day. And it’s when parents are least paying attention that this stuff goes on.”

She went on to give us her special brand of analysis (to go with her special brand of condescension) of “how this happens.” “The National Education Association is essentially a satellite organization of the Democrats and the left… (The NEA) recommends the radical Marxist Saul Alinsky books… for these teachers… It’s the radicalism that is the real problem here.” I’d agree with you there, Hon, about the radicalism being the problem except that I think the real radicalism comes from your curled, sneering lips every time you open your sourpuss mouth.

Our latest expert in education claimed (without citing any statistics or sources) that kids were memorizing hymns to President Obama instead of Paul Revere’s ride or the Gettysburg Address. I’m sure we will hear of Malkin's outrage over "hymns" to Laura Bush as soon as her Google Alerts alert her to this post.

Eventually, the conversation turned and Malkin found a new category of Americans to spew about: Republicans who are not conservative enough. She called the Republican ex-candidate in NY-23 (you know, the district the tea baggers just lost after pushing her out of the race), a “radical leftist” and complained about the “establishment Republican leaders (in New York) who betrayed their own principles.”

The woman just exudes love for country with every breath!