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Fox News’ Shepard Smith Speaks Truth To Power

Reported by Priscilla - November 5, 2009 -

In a dark world of partisan lies and smears, Fox News’ Shepard Smith is a beacon of light. Unlike the other Fox pundits who bow down before the RNC and the Christian right wing, Shepard Smith has the strength of character to speak out when he disagrees with Fox News talking points. Recently, he spoke out again against words of a song which, as Smith expressed it, convey a “distorted message.” The words he cited are from a University of Mississippi fight song which say that “the South Shall Rise Again” – a sentiment found frequently in the comments on Fox Nation. I suspect that if Keith Olbmermann had said this, Fox News, Fox Nation, and the “Culture Warriors” would be all over him. But Shep has cover and I’m glad he does because his words, coming from an employee of a right wing news outlet, mean a lot. Too bad that he said this on a video for “Ole Miss” students – but say it he did and for that Shepard Smith deserves thanks, again, for being a class act.

Smith can be a bit of a rebel. When Republican Senator used the Frank Luntz tested talking point about “government takeover of health care,” Smith told Republican Senator John Barrasso that “It’s not a government take over, Senator! That’s not fair and we both know it.” When Fox’s Chris Wallace asked if Smith were jealous of Glenn Beck, Smith proceed to gently but scathingly mock Beck. Smith spoke out against American use of torture. His coverage of the Ted Kennedy funeral was eloquent. His message to “Ole Miss” students about the “south shall rise again” was equally eloquent. He talked about how the rebel flag used by the University of Mississippi sent the wrong message to outsiders as it “looked racist” and how getting rid of it helped sports and academic recruiting. He noted how he loves the song, “From Dixie With Love;” but that the aforementioned lyrics were a problem in that they are not part of the “tradition” that the community of Ole Miss is proud of. He talked about how much has changed at the school and cited the statue of James Meredith who was the first African American to attend the school. He said that the lyric “sends the wrong message, a distorted message of who we are and what we think.” He encouraged his audience to “tell your friends to stop it for the good of our part of the country and the good of “Ole Miss.” The South rose long ago and we’re better than that.”

Comment: Wise words and ones that Fox News and Fox Nation would be wise to take heed of for the “good” of the country. Those who seek to perpetuate divisiveness are hurting the country. Shepard Smith knows that.

Video here.http://sharing.theflip.com/session/05fa6bb33a230502020f4f90ef349de5/video/7100423