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Now You’ve Done It, O’Reilly – You’ve Made the Birthers Mad

Reported by Julie - November 4, 2009 -

Okay, so it’s no secret that I’ve got beef with Bill O’Reilly. He gets nutty about stuff – like two nights ago when he told Brit Hume his reporting was non-partisan. He has his vendettas – take the ACORN-bashing mission. He went after abortion doctor Dr. George Tiller, and in my mind contributed to his murder. He says stuff he shouldn’t. He allows his guests to be water-carriers for some extreme right-wing talking points. He did do something semi-right once, though: He pooh-poohed the “birther” movement (those nutbags who believe President Obama was born in Kenya) as “bogus,” “nonsense,” and “dumb stuff.” As reported by the Huffington Post, The O’Reilly Factor investigated the birther thing in July, deemed it “bogus,” and continued to deny its validity. And now, the damndest thing is happening: That nutty-as-a-fruitcake birther lady, Orly Taitz, is organizing a protest against O’Reilly. In New York. On Veterans Day. Outside Fox headquarters in Midtown. This is outside the normal realm of things on Fox, so help me, folks, think this one through.

Taitz is protesting O’Reilly because he won’t air her obsessive, off the reservation, conspiracy theories (oh, the betrayal!) that President Obama was born in Kenya and therefore isn’t legally qualified to be President. Her court battles have been thrown out, and, in fact, she’s been sanctioned (fined) $20,000 by the California federal court judge for bringing such frivolous drivel into court. As reported by commentsfromleftfield.com, the judge even implied Taitz was suborning perjury. As for her reasons for the protest, “Taitz told the news blog Conservative Monster that O’Reilly is ‘not a legitimate journalist’ because he had not contacted her about the story he planned to air. Taitz ‘stated that if Fox gave her a 30-minute show for her to display her evidence, Obama would have to resign from office within 48 hours,’ the Web site reported.”

But think about what’s interesting here: Apparently Taitz thinks she has a right to have a platform on Fox in general (where she somehow senses that all her birther-sympathetic homies are hanging out), and O’Reilly in particular. I mean, she isn’t protesting Keith Olbermann, right? In fact, as reported by Salon, on her website Taitz said, “Keep in mind, what OReilly did, is more dangerous, more harmful then what some idiots like Rachel Maddow or Keith Obertmann (sic) did, since people believe O’Reilly to be fair and balanced.” (For those new to News Hounds, when right wingnuts call Fox “fair and balanced” what they really mean is “they speak my language.”)

The big question here seems to be, from O’Reilly’s point of view, is this protest a pro or a con? Let’s weigh it. On the “pro” side, if crazy people protest him, it makes him look semi-normal, which I would think would be a plus for him. I mean, even insane Ann Coulter wasn’t willing to lend credence to the birther folks, and if even Coulter won’t endorse an extreme right-wing group, they must be f’ing crazy. So O’Reilly’s got that going for him, that he isn’t, like, Michele Bachmann/Sarah Palin type goofy (as a matter of fact, we might see those two at the protest – who knows?). Another item in the “pro” column is that the fanatics over at Fox Nation are birther believers, so O’Reilly can kind of separate himself from THOSE wingnuts. Oh, another thing on the “pro” side – Lou Dobbs has given the birthers much love, so O’Reilly can be more normal than Dobbs, who’s recently become CNN’s cross to bear. O’Reilly can lord it over Dobbs, a veteran newsman-turned-goofball -- that works for him. So that pretty much sums up the “pro” side of the column.

And on the “con” side – well, O’Reilly’s stance on the birthers – confirmed by the Queen Birther’s protest -- might offend, like, O’Reilly’s entire frigging viewing audience. I know people, educated people, smart people, whose brains turn into little shrunken burned-out blobs when they watch Fox News, and Fox News viewers believe every anti-Obama conspiracy theory out there. Another “con” is that Jon Stewart might do a bit on how O’Reilly’s a liberal now, and it might get MSM play, and Sean Hannity might be outraged about it and Glenn Beck might light something on fire to prove a point about it and Michelle Bachmann might think up a conspiracy theory about it (like that maybe O’Reilly’s a plant at Fox for the Obama Administration), Sarah Palin might get outraged and challenge him to a debate on the truth about death panels or something, the gullible Fox News viewers might hear about it and believe it, and there goes O’Reilly’s #1 standing with his right-wingnut audience.

I’m down with that – I’m going with the “cons.”