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Michele Bachmann and The Superbowl of Freedom

Reported by Ellen - November 4, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Notveryhow

No, this isn’t a spin-off from the Harry Potter series. This is the superlative that Michele Bachmann used to describe a gathering of the clans in DC that she is promoting, to pressure Congress to reject health care reform, during her appearance on Fox & Friends yesterday (11/3/09). It would be an insult to questioners in the rational media to call this promotional appearance an interview. With video.

Speaking to Bachmann, Gretchen Carlson introduced the promotion with "Now I know you and a group of other Republicans are having this town hall sort of get together. Noon time, 'High Noon', Washington DC on Thursday. You're asking people across America to join you - to do what?"

The answer to this question was the reason for Bachmann’s appearance.

"To come and let the members of Congress know that all the messages that came out in August at the town halls and tea parties are still relevant. People don't want to have government take over their health care...” Bachmann began.

So Bachmann wants us to believe that a Public Option (with the emphasis on “Option”) is to “have government take over their health care.” OK, then. No challenge from Carlson balanced that accusation.

“This is the Super Bowl of Freedom this week because socialized medicine is the crown jewel of socialism. This will change our country forever,” Bachmann continued, in what sounded like a reading from a well-rehearsed script. "Socialism?” Even if you believe that the Public Option will set us on the slippery slope to a single-payer system, all that means is we will end up like Canada, or Germany, or much of the rest of the industrialized world. But Bachmann wanted us to Be afraid. Be very afraid.

She added, “And truly, Gretchen, the only way they're going to listen is if real freedom-loving Americans come here to Washington noon on Thursday, look at the whites of their eyes of their members of Congress and say, ‘Don't you remember? I told you don't take away my health care!”

Now, I thought health care reform was intended to provide health care to the uninsured. Is there some proposal that could be construed to threaten to “take away my health care?” This would be laughable if I didn’t know that much of the Fox audience was just lapping this up – along with Carlson.

Bachmann, continuing her promo, said, “Then we're asking people to go into the office buildings Rayburn, Longworth, Cannon to find their member of Congress and tell them, ‘Look, you have to vote no.’ We have very few options because we don't have the votes to stop this. But the American people do, they are the strongest voice we have...”

So what Bachmann was saying was that the Republican minority doesn’t “have the votes to stop this.” But to block the will of the majority, the Tea Partier, Town Hall set, the (“real freedom loving”) American people do. This sounds very much like encouraging a rabid and frightened minority to strong arm the House to vote against the will of the majority of their constituents.

Carlson’s allusion to “High Noon,” a movie about a showdown, a climactic gunfight, struck me as odd. Bachamnn’s exclusionary language, the reference to “real freedom-loving Americans,” as opposed to the rest of us, was also somewhat troubling. And Bachamnn’s description of “Look at the whites of their eyes of their members of Congress” was hostile and aggressive. I’ve sat in many meetings and maintained eye contact, but I can’t recall the desire to “Look at the whites of their eyes.” And this is not the first time she has used exactly that phrase.

Could Bachmann be thinking of the famous order from The Battle of Bunker Hill, “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes?”

After all, Bachmann is the same woman who said, “I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous...” And she is appealing to the Town Hall set, with their handguns and references to “...watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants...” And who can forget the 9/12 protest sign “We came unarmed, this time?”

And these are the people that Bachmann is exhorting to come to Washington to exercise “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” As much as I love the Constitution and dissent, this does not bode well.

Carlson showed no concern about either the hinted threats or the hostility toward those who might have a different opinion. Instead, she closed this political ad disguised as a news segment by chirping, “People can get more information. They can go to FOX & Friends dot com - we’ll link it to your website – if they're interested in showing up Thursday at noon. Thanks. Great to see you, Congresswoman”.

That pretty well sums it up. If I wanted to show that Fox is an arm of the GOP and takes an active hand in promoting that Party and creating favorable news to advance its agenda, I couldn’t do better than to show this video.