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O’Reilly to Brit Hume: “I’ve never heard you analyze a situation from a conservative or liberal viewpoint”

Reported by Julie - November 3, 2009 -

Here I was, peacefully sipping coffee and watching a fairly benign, fairly typical discussion between Bill O’Reilly and Brit Hume, Fox News’ Senior Political Analyst, on the O’Reilly Factor last night (11/2/09), and O’Reilly said something so off the charts that I had to rewind it. Twice. Yup, he really said it. He really told Brit Hume that he’s never heard him analyze a situation “from a conservative or liberal viewpoint. You don’t do that.” But . . . but . . . but . . . . With video.

Come on, O’Reilly. This segment tonight – we’re all used to you doing the whole “I’m not gonna bash Obama but hey, what about all the goofy shit Obama does?” routine. We’re used to you using something like the headline, “Is Rush Limbaugh Hurting Obama’s Image” as a springboard to “just ask” whether President Obama wants a socialist economy or to “just ask” whether President Obama wants to dismantle the entire economy or to “just ask” whether the healthcare reform bill is the Obama Administration saying “just trust us.” We know your foibles, Bill, but batshit crazy has never been your hallmark. So what say you?

Your comment, Bill, begs the question: Don’t you ever watch Fox News? Wait, it was on your program – which I assume you participate in -- that Hume slapped down the White House for its criticism of Fox News and stood uncorrected by you when he re-created Fox News history by saying that Fox News has been “in some instances more critical” of the Obama Administration. And it was Hume who said that President Obama is practicing an “anti-media campaign not seen since the days of Richard Nixon” (and I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it as a compliment).

As reported by News Hounds Priscilla, wasn’t it Brit Hume back in June of 2008 who put the necessary right-wing spin on a “story” that Barack Obama’s half-brother was “not so sure” President Obama wasn’t a Muslim, and in so doing questioned President Obama’s Christianity?

Wasn’t Hume one of the “media conservatives” who tried to float the idea, as he stated, that the United States “is clearly center right. The president, though, is thought to enact an agenda which is clearly left of center”? Oh, yeah, and wasn’t Hume the guy who tried to claim that President Obama’s stimulus didn’t include tax cuts and that “business-friendly tax cuts or personal income tax rate cuts . . . are Republican ideas” – despite the fact that, as reported by Media Matters, the “recovery act included tax incentives for businesses estimated to total $75.9 billion in 2009 and 2010”?

I also seem to recall earlier this year – oh, here it is, Media Matters covered it – when Hume “falsely suggested there is no evidence that the United States' use of torture has served as a ‘recruiting tool’ for terrorist groups” – and ignored evidence that military and FBI interrogators say otherwise.

O’Reilly, just because Hume happens to be a tad less unfair and unbalanced than some of the other goofies on Fox doesn’t mean he doesn’t have that stylish right-wing flair. Let’s face it – when the extreme right-wing website, Free Republic, "Freeps" Hume's comments about how he “went to bat for his network,” it’s a pretty clear sign he’s not even close to embracing that “center right” attitude that he spoke of. Let's not forget that Hume, along with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, was happy to lay the blame for the falling stock market at President Obama’s feet. (Did I miss the part where he gave President Obama credit when it went up?) Pre-election, as reported by the Huffington Post, Hume was happy to give the McCain campaign a leg up when he reported the falsehood that then-candidate Obama sponsored a bill in Illinois that taught sex-ed to kindergartners. As reported by The Raw Story, Hume said the McCain camp would be “out of their mind” not to bring up President Obama’s relationship with Reverend Wright.

If this were a rap, I’d have way more than 34 bars about Hume’s absolutely partisan, absolutely conservative, absolutely Republican-loving agenda. Somebody lasso O’Reilly before he follows Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity all the way off the reservation.