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Gretchen Carlson Provides Validation For “Murdered By Muslim Terrorists”

Reported by Priscilla - November 3, 2009 -

When Fox “Opinion” News has a certain propaganda point that it wants to promulgate, it uses the reinforcement technique. The point is introduced on one “opinion” show and then picked up by another. Classic example of this is the “controversy” regarding the town of Kent Connecticut’s refusal to allow “murdered by Muslim terrorists” on a publicly funded memorial for the son, killed on 9-11, of nativist (that’s what he is) Peter Gadiel. Last week Bill O’Reilly did a “Culture Warriors” segment in which he encouraged his audience to defy the conservative principal of local sovereignty and protest the town’s refusal. And quelle surprise, Mr. Gadiel appeared on yesterday’s Fox morning patriotic pep squad show, Fox&Friends.

Gretchen Carlson introduced the segment by explaining that Mr. Gadiel is fighting for what he perceives to be “the truth” on the memorial “but his Connecticut town won’t allow that.” In her best, breathless Miss America voice, Carlson said “nobody can understand the pain that you went through…” Presenting in a caring and sharing way, Carlson told Gadiel, “you have now decided to take this fight, to honor your son, in a way that you believe is leaving our society and the memories of the children as far as how they’re going to remember 9-11." Gadiel, a board member of the anti-immigration group “9-11 Families for a Secure America” said that “ordinarily, I wouldn’t want, on a memorial, any reference to the people who killed him; but the problem is that there seems to be throughout the country an effort to suppress the facts around 9-11 and the fact that Muslim extremists that committed this atrocity.” He claimed that other 9-11 families have been “subject to the same exclusion from deciding what the memorials say.” He reiterated that if it weren’t for this effort to “conceal the facts,” he wouldn’t want that wording on the memorial. Gretchen said “right” and then described how the town responded by saying that the memorial was on public property and “is paid for, ostensibly, by public dollars.” (Not “ostensibly” Gretch, it is being paid for by public dollars.) She read the city’s statement which concluded that they could find no other public memorials with “containing such language.” Gadiel laughed and said that was “nonsense” and said that holocaust memorials refer to Nazis and Germans. (Do they also say “Catholic” or “Protestant” Nazis?) He added that the Armenian genocide memorials refer to “the Turks.” (Not, Muslim Turks?) As he was speaking the chyron read “FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH, Father Wants Memorial Plaque for Son.” He then complained that a town official said that Gadiel’s son had “passed away” and “this is what I’m afraid of, this kind attitude that people will say that they just died. They didn’t pass away, they were murdered.” Gretchen, sounding incredulous and leaning toward Gadiel (unlike her rigid body position next to Christopher Hitchens), said “you say that there is a photo in California that said the towers collapsed.” Gadiel stated that he suggested alternate wording for the memorial – that his son was “murdered by the result of the willful negligence and corruption of the people in government who” (here we go) “failed to enforce our immigration laws that would have kept these people out of the country completely.” So rather than say that his statement was a political belief which is open to argument, Gretchen commented that his actual request is “toned down.” He repeated that “nation-wide, 9-11 families have been excluded from this process” and claimed, without any specifics, that in eastern Connecticut there is an “even more egregious example of this political correctness or nastiness.” Gretchen, looking very sympathetic, thanked Mr.Gadiel and said that Fox&Friends would continue to monitor the story.”

Comment: Once again, there was no background given for Mr. Gadiel who, as I noted in my last piece, has been actively involved in right wing anti immigration causes for several years and who has appeared on Fox to promote them. Once again, there was no serious discussion about the ramifications of public funding and ethnic sensitivity. I find it interesting that Fox is so supportive of this when, as far as I know, there wasn’t the same support for the 9-11 widows who were maligned by Ann Coulter whose vile commentary was given a thumbs up from Sean Hannity. If this is a controversy, it is being stirred by Fox News and anti immigration sites like the white nationalist VDARE which is considered a hate site and which encouraged it’s readers to tune in to Bill O’Reilly’s show on the evening when this was the subject for discussion. But don’t ya love the desire to education today’s youth with a message of hate. The only lesson here is that Americans have as much hatred as those terrorists who twist their religion to suit their purposes – much like American abortion doctor killers who think they are on a mission from God. Memo to Lutheran Gretchen Carlson – Should there be a public memorial to Dr. Tiller which states that he was “murdered by a Lutheran terrorist?” What say you Gretchen?

Oh, and before I forget – here’s an update on the situation from Kent, Connecticut: “By mid-day Monday, Town Hall had been flooded with some 150 e-mails and phone calls from around the country, overwhelmingly in support of Gadiel's position. Some were cordial in tone, but most were sharp, and some were obscene.” Thank you Fox News for facilitating.